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The Second Branch Of Zhongyan Group

The Second Branch of Zhongyan Group, as a financial company affiliated to the Group, is specialized in funds development business. Relying on the Group’s solid capital strength, excellent management team, advanced investment concept and professional and mature capital operation capacity, it provides customers with limited partnership private equity investment and consulting services and is committed to developing into the most innovative financial services agency in China.

The Company has Marketing Department, Trade Channel Department, Administration and HR Department and Accounting Department. Its team is young, vigorous and passionate, who are bold to struggle, have strong desire for success and hope to realize their personal value through hard work. The Company adheres to “iron rule and friendly management” during development. It has established a sound and fair management system to ensure smooth operation. By system construction, it provides a fair environment for its employees’ growth. All team members comply with iron rules carefully without any exception. At the same time, the Company cares about the living and working conditions of its employees and also inspires its business personnel’s enthusiasm and creativity by its incentive mechanism. Not only material incentives but also spiritual incentives are involved. Honorary titles such as “Excellent Employee” and “Excellent Team” are granted according to monthly performance ranks, making team members feel the realization of their personal value and respect from the Company.

The Company often holds wine and tea parties and other fellowship parties to make customers learn about its scale, strength, qualification, products and investment values. To express gratitude for customers’ support, it regularly organizes return visits to its old customers with holiday greetings and birthday cakes. It has organized nearly a hundred of VIP customers to travel in Suzhou, South Korea and other places. Through such activities, it maintains and develops customer relations, improves customers’ trust and loyalty to the company brand and expands its market popularity and influence.

Meanwhile, the Company also focuses on public welfare and charity. For example, after the tornado swept Jiangsu Province in 2016, the Company promptly organized employees to donate and sent relief goods to victims by a motorcade entering the disaster area, showing its social positive energy and carrying forward the friendly humanistic spirit.

Corporate vision: to become “the most innovative financial services agency in China”;

Corporate values: honest and trustworthy, innovative and progressive, people oriented, inclusive and harmonious;

Corporate mission: to create value-added benefits for customers, create growth space for employees and create wealth for the society.

Address:Floor 7, New Dream Building, No. 1500 Zhongxing Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai
Public transit:Shanghai Railway Station, Metro Line 1/3/4
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