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The First Branch of Zhongyan Group

The First Branch of Zhongyan Group, as a diversified financial service company affiliated to the Group, is specialized in funds business, wealth management and assets management and has a vast customer base, a leading Internet platform and an efficient and collaborative all-service chain.

As the most mature financial business company of the Group and familiar with the development rule and trend of financial investment markets both at home and abroad, the First Branch has innovated the business model of “Finance + Internet”, seized the historic opportunity for Chinese financial market transformation and innovation, continuously optimized its product structure and promoted its industrial upgrading and achieved rapid growth of scale and benefits. Its stable operation facilitates its outstanding performance today and its main financial and operational indicators ranking among the best and strongly supports the Group’s finance industrial development. It has cultivated a group of elites and some staff models with strong cohesion and loyalty, forming extraordinary influence.

It always pays close attention to customer value, its employees’ growth and harmonious development of itself and the society. A sound operation mechanism has formed during development. By its precise risk control system, transparent investment process and strict third party financial regulation mechanism, it provides its customers with safe and value-added financial services, provides its investors with safe and high return financial products and provides its partners with efficient and convenient financial guarantee.

The wisdom and strength of an enterprise depends on that of its employees. The efficient, mature and stable team of the Company is its magic weapon to keep outstanding achievements. In its high quality and experienced professional team, more than 80% have university degree and above, and more than 70% are young employees. It is committed to building a good platform to help employees achieve their personal value from the point of view of employees as its valuable wealth. It also has established special funds for staff training and development, providing ceiling-less growth space, and arranges holidays, physical examination, domestic and foreign travel and other benefits to employees for sharing development achievements.

Active fulfillment of society responsibility is regarded as one of its core development elements, and it always combines economic benefits with social benefits. For example, it often promptly organizes forces to participate in disaster relief, organizes public benefit activities and provides poverty alleviation assistance; it supports education development in campus; it visits communities to hold birthday parties and recreational and sports activities for the elderly.

“To work as hard as possible” is the First Branch’s team building concept. In the future, it will continue to maintain stable operation and development vigor and strive to develop into a large market-oriented, customer-focused, innovation-driven financial service company leading in management, scale and benefits with strong competitiveness and influence.

Address:Floor 42, Building 2, Yuexing Global Harbor, No. 3300 North Zhongshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Public transit:Jinshajiang Road Station, Metro Line 3/4/13
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