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Shanghai Zhuxiang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

Shanghai Zhuxiang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd ("Zhuxiang Science & Technology”), founded in 2017, is specialized in environment-friendly buildings. Its products are widely used in mobile buildings, duplex and two-storied buildings, marine villas, agricultural greenhouses, low-temperature warehouses, restaurants, cafes and other facilities.

Zhuxiang Science & Technology is supported by theadequate capital resources, solid marketing network and loyal customer base of Zhongyan Group. Its Simogehouses feature unique exterior design and the use of mainly flame retardant high-density EPS materials. Thermoformed cystosepiments of a closed fine porous structure provide excellent heat preservation and are yet light-weighted. They can have a service life of one hundred years, without post maintenance costs, and become an exemplar of green buildings by resolving all sorts of shortcomings of traditional buildings.

Meanwhile, Simoge houses are of both economical and artisticvalue and have six advantages, namely, energy saving, environment-friendly materials, high economic value, close to nature, effective resistance against the environment and diversity. They produce low carbon and are environment-friendly, and can save about 30%~60% energy. Moreover, Simoge houses can be completed within a short period of time and moved easily. Thanks to excellent heat preservation, the houses are really cool in summer and warm in winter to live in. So far, numerous scenic zones, resorts and tourist sites have chosen Simoge houses and Simoge houses are starting a new chapter in the residence industry in the world.

Zhuxiang Science & Technology is committed to “Building Dream Home” and follows the design philosophy of “Harmony with Nature and Unity of Heaven and Human”. It integrates the achievements inenvironment-friendly architectural technologies around the world and creates healthy, comfortable, energy-saving, environment- and ecology-friendly residence for Chinese and foreign customers with creditworthiness, a sound quality assurance system, modern business management and a professional design and installation team.

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