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In the Group Management Construction Year of 2017 Build the Hard Core of Group D

  With the Group's continuous and rapid development in recent years, the staff size and the system of branches and subsidiaries are bigger and bigger. The trend of deep cross-industry and cross-industry-chain integration and interactive development of its business is becoming increasingly obvious. The Group's management range, complexity and depth and other aspects all gradually deepen and more and more challenging. In the 2017 New Year's speech President of the Group said that 2017 was the key year of for the Group to intensify management, and intensifying management construction was the most important task in the 2017. In the annual development plan, Vice Presidents in charge of different matters, General Managers of branches and subsidiaries and Business Directors of the Group also considered management as the focus of work of this year, so as to establish a scientific management system, build a strong management team, jointly promote the sustainable and steady development of the Group, and make business everlasting.

Management construction is a systematic project. This year, one of the important initiatives of the Group in management construction is the construction of the human resources training system. The construction of the human resources training system is multi-level and targeted. For senior managers, middle managers and workers at the production line, systematic training in leadership, team building, marketing strategy, sales strategy, occupational skills, English training and other aspects is provided.

In February 2017, the Group clearly showed that the improvement of professional skills of personnel was the focus of foundation staff training, and it would strongly support training and learning of professional skills of staffs. This year, the Group will gradually implement this work.

  In March 2017, after communication and discussion, the Group carried out the first executive training with the theme of "first leadership class for managers". The training enabled executives to think about management systematically, look back gains and losses in work, and seek breakthroughs and improvement. At the same time, it strengthened the communication among top management teams, and promoted the deep integration of top management teams.

From May 19th to 20th, 2017, we welcomed the Group's first business director training class of 2017. Business directors are the hard core of the Group's business development. According to the characteristics and importance of the position of business director of the team, in the training a professional curriculum design was made. The content of this training was divided into two modules. Module 1: Role definition of team director. What is team director, how to recognize their roles, and five tasks of team director, including recruitment, training, motivation, management and sales; Module 2: Four steps of team operation: Desire stimulation, goal setting, measure implementation and tracking & evaluation. The four steps go round and round, and form a closed circle, thus leading the continuous deepening of team construction.

  Through the declaration that "we believe that we will create a miracle", the ice breaking trip on the first day allowed business executives unfamiliar with each other find their common genes. Through "storm trooper", "wide wolf trooper", "unity team" and other names, six freely formed teams strengthened the common gene once again, which was the identification of team spirit and efforts. In the courses in the next two days, whether in open problem discussion, testing or targeted combat game, everyone was in a positive and warm classroom atmosphere, and left wonderful moments.


Team director: Role definition should be comprehensive

What is team director? Manager or motivator? He/she is both manager and motivator, not just a manager or a motivator. Through training courses, each business director learned the limitation of their cognition of their own functions in the past. Some business directors may only pay attention to the role of sales, but ignore the role of management, incentive and training in their work. Responsibilities of business director should start from recruitment of team members, followed by training of occupational skills of staffs, motivation and management of staffs, and to the completion of sales, which go through the whole process of team management. Each job is his/her task goal. Therefore, he/she needs to have more comprehensive knowledge and higher skills. Everyone had a better understanding and expectation of the importance and necessity of learning.

  2 Team management: each of the four major steps is indispensable

Desire stimulation

To achieve team growth, first, the desire for growth and development should be stimulated, which is what we often call motivation. Achievement is the result of ability to achieve goals multiplied by desire stimulated. So how can we stimulate such a strong desire? We should start from the motivation of work. People's motivation of work mainly includes independence, praise, sense of achievement, prestige, money, pressure, leisure time, power, self-esteem, family life, sense of stability and personal development. Then, according to the motivation of work, different ways and means of motivation should be chosen. In this way, good results can be obtained.

Goal setting

When everyone in the team has a strong desire to do a good job, the goal becomes the next priority. The subordinates will not regard the goal as their duty until business directors value goal setting. How can we set a suitable goal? The mathematical model of team performance shall be calculated according to the performance source formula. The variable relationship among performance index, output index and human index shall be considered comprehensively. According to current situation of the team, analysis shall be made, performance growth points of the team shall be determined. The specific situation of team members shall be fully understood and estimated. Goals shall be set for each person. The monthly goals shall be broken down, summary shall be made each week, adjustment shall be made in a timely manner, and you shall firmly believe that you will not give up your goals.

Measure implementation

With a strong desire to work, after goal setting, measures shall be implemented. In this stage, as long as we seize three areas of work, we can achieve a good business operation, including increasingly adding of new members, training and coaching and market expanding. What new members we should add? Where are these people? How can we add such people? How can we make customer manager a regular worker? In training and coaching, how shall we teach, lead and make them master the knowledge? What is market development, purpose of activity, customer positioning, operation process, related attraction, supporting tools and preparation, and organization of implementation, respectively? The greatest truths are the simplest, and there is no fixed method. As long as we can catch the key and think about it, we can get the answer.


 What is the management effect of a job or a team? Is there a deviation in the process? These problems must be tracked and evaluated. The means of tracking and evaluation include meeting management and report management. The importance of meeting management has attracted more and more attention. It is an important channel for effective management of business units, the best way to implement the system of a company, the best place for partners to learn from each other, the effective way to implement and track plans, and a good opportunity to train and improve quality of cadres. Therefore, daily morning meeting, weekly or monthly regular meeting, or temporary meeting for solving unexpected problems are the best opportunity for us to track the effect, release information and unite the team. In addition, through summary and release of daily report, weekly report and monthly report, we can effectively track and evaluate the process.

  The two-day closed training inspired business directors of the Group more or less from thoughts, understanding and practice. Everyone had a broader and deeper thinking toward their job responsibilities and tasks. Some business directors said that they would summarize their own work, find their disadvantages, fill vacancy, and apply what they have learned as soon as possible after they went back. More business directors said that the training class not only provided a rare opportunity to all the business directors of the Group to learn and communicate, but also to try to unite the team at the level of business director of our Group. No other activity was comparable with this training class. Through the training, all the business executives of the Group have clearly recognized that although division of labor of everybody is different, unity and struggle for goals and tasks are the common genes generally rooted in each person's body. "Brain storm" allowed business managers of the Group to have a better understanding of their role of manager and heavy task of team building. In the future, they would manage their teams more scientifically, build the business team into an elite team with passion, vitality, creativity and fighting capacity, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and steady development of the Group.

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