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Study Hard to Take a More Powerful Step Tomorrow - The First Lesson of Managemen

In recent years, with the constant and rapid development, the Group's business system has covered finance, culture, elderly care, tourism, film and television, games, new media and other industries. The deep cross-industry and cross-industry-chain integration and interactive development are made. Accordingly, the staff size and the system of branches and subsidiaries of the Group are bigger and bigger. The Group's management range, complexity and depth and other aspects are all more and more challenging. At the same time, the domestic and international macro environmental situation is complex, and the development of all walks of life is changing rapidly. Yesterday's success does not mean tomorrow's brilliance. As an enterprise developing rapidly, we need to stay rational, keep pace with the times, be prepared for danger in times of safety and make progress in danger.

Therefore, the Group attached great importance to construction of organization ability in 2017 and focused primarily on the ability construction of top management. After communication and discussion, the theme of the first executive training was determined as "the First Leadership Lesson for Managers". We strived to allow executives to think about their management work systematically, look back gains and losses in their work and seek a breakthrough and improvement through the training. At the same time, the training was also a good opportunity for the executive team to strengthen communication and achieve deep integration.

Training time: March 13th-14th, 2017

Location: Jingliu Hall, 4F, The Longemont Hotel Shanghai

  Training theme: Mix and Communicate about Intelligence, Win the Future Together - Executive Training Camp of the Group of 2017

Trainee: Group executives (partially absent)

The training content was divided into three modules. Module 1: Role positioning of manager. What is management? What are the main challenges of management? The six roles of manager. Module 2: Communication influence of manager (i.e. leadership). What is influence? What is powerful communication? The core of establishment of personal influence. Module 3: Management simulation (poker management task game). On the first day, because most content of courses was abstract and conceptual theoretical knowledge, participants had not fully moved into the role, and the atmosphere of the scene was relatively boring. On the second day, with a variety of open discussion, testing and targeted combat games, everyone actively and passionately participated in, and left a lot of wonderful moments.

Cognition of the six roles of manager

Through the time distribution of serving as planners, operators, communicators, team leaders, coaches or trainers and key members in the team in their daily work, executives tested whether their work was appropriate and whether they needed to adjust in this stage as managers.

  Enlightenment: We have found that time and efforts of some executives focus on serving as key members of the team and communication. However, serving as key members of the team (front-line business members) is not the important content of managers in their daily work; similarly, if communication takes up more than half of the time of manger, it may indicate that communication is ineffective, and too much time is wasted. On the contrary, serving as planners, operators, team leaders and coaches are the most important work which managers should spend time on in their daily work.

Communication influence

  By understanding the communication style of each individual, executives could take measures varied from person to person, learn from others' strong points to offset their own weakness, give full play to positive influence of each manager, won universal recognition in cooperation inside the team and in cross-department cooperation with the win-win mode of thinking, and resolved the conflicts.

Four types from personal style to personal influence

  In this round of game testing, everyone responded and participated in actively. Through the testing, we could see personal style of them clearly. Mr. Peng good at technology was the only person who liked to analyze and think (like a owl); Mr. Zhao, Mr. Liu, Mr. Pan and others were kind, warm, easy-going and popular (like a koala); and Mr. Feng, Mr. Pan, Mr. Wang, Mr. Liu and others were vibrant and shining (like a peacock); Mr. Jiang, Mr. Guo and others had strong desire for control, which surprised everyone (like a tiger). "Oh, it turns out that they tend to harbor bitter resentment. We should be careful in future." In this round, the style test results and corresponding animals impressed everyone, and became common memory and language.

Enlightenment: By testing, all executives deeply understood the complexity and diversity of human nature. Different people have personalized styles in different scenes. "Mental aura, tolerance and temperament" go throughout each person's work. The standard directly affects a manager's management style and quality.

 The game of management practice

In this round of game, there were seven participants in each group and a total of two groups.

A (Bosses, understanding tasks and selecting tasks): knew game tasks/made cards in each person's hands the same kind or the same number.

  B and C (middle management): communicated and cooperated with tasks.

  D, E, F and G (employees, performing tasks): cooperated with the completion of mission indicators.

  Restrictions: In the poker game, each person has 4 cards. Information can only be conveyed by notes. Bypassing the immediate leadership is not allowed.

  Time: 30 minutes

  Purpose: To experience effective authorization in the matrix management mode;

  During the game, two groups correctly understood tasks and the method of completing the tasks correctly almost when they almost ran out of time, and they missed the opportunity to adjust. Senior leaders did not know what to do, middle-level leaders were in a hurry, and staffs had nothing to do. Although a team in each group completed tasks, two groups failed to complete their tasks. Senior leaders and middle-level leaders were busy, and basic staffs did not know what to do.

Enlightenment: In this round of game, everyone fully recognized the role of top management of the Group, and the importance of correct understanding tasks, correct decision and scientific assignment of tasks. As the middle management, B and C also recognized the importance of serving as a bridge in the communication. Staff D, E, F and G passively waited and could not obtain information, they were blind and helpless like being exiled on the island. Everyone realized the importance of participating in work actively, rather than waiting passively.

Significance of the training                      

  First, in terms of thoughts or knowledge, the training inspired the executives more or less. Everyone thought that managers should grasp the company's long-term development plan and systematic management construction work, and reexamine and recognize themselves. Some executives said that they would summarize their own work, find their disadvantages and fill vacancy after they went back.

Second, through the training camp, we opened up our thinking, and realized that everything was changing too fast, and we must keep pace with the times, be prepared for danger in times of safety, make progress in danger, and ensure that the development of enterprise is in an invincible position. At the same time, everything has a way to follow. As long as we are willing to work hard and learn, nothing is difficult, and we can expect a good future.

  Finally, the training class not only provided a rare opportunity to all the business directors of the Group to learn and communicate, but also a new opportunity to unite the team. Through communication in a short period of time, executives were peaceful in the state learning, which also provided a good mode of exchange of ideas for the Group management.

  Feelings in the training          

There was no new knowledge in the management training, but the understanding of human nature had deepened and meaning. In particular, the testing of four quadrants and four personalities from personal style to personal influence were impressive. Everyone got impressed. Our team came to learn with a modest attitude. We were positive and corrected mistakes. The times are changing too fast. We must study continuously to gain strength. We are young. Therefore, we are able to learn and must be very good at learning. I believe that if the Group maintains healthy development for five more years with the accumulated foundation, strength and connotation, we will rise abruptly. At that time, we will welcome the true glory days!

  - Mr. Feng (Chairman of the Group)

 With the knowledge learned in the training, everyone could think about gains and losses in work again. It was very meaningful, resonated and could trigger our thinking. Because we are usually busy with work, there are few opportunities for us to learn together. The peaceful communication and discussion was really good. In communication in work, people will consciously have subjective emotion, but it is different in training and learning. I hope that there will be more training in future.

  - Mr. Pan (Vice Chairman of Culture)

  This training impressed me. I was touched by the time allocation of the six functions of a manager. In the poker management game, I realized the great significance of understanding tasks and making decisions correctly as an executive. It was shocking and impressive.

  - Mr. Zhao (Vice Chairman of Finance)

In this training camp, the teacher mentioned some problems. Perhaps I have not encountered them before, but I believe that after three to five years I will encounter them. At that time, it will be useful and can help me avoid many problems. The analysis on the future trend is also meaningful. We can share them with customers and bring values to customers.

  - Mr. Dou of the second branch

After the training camp, I began to doubt whether the original direction, goals, plans and others of the company were scientific and effective or not. I have arranged the team to re-examine and make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible, make the implementation plan and summarize and check the management system.

- Mr. Jiang of Jiyu Network

The training camp made me systematically think about the overall management. I would summarize and see whether there was any problem in the management system, communication at all levels and management of foundation staffs after I went back.

-Mr. Pan, Hai Bo Assets

We may not see the value of what we learnt from the training camp immediately, but I believe that it will gradually penetrate into our future work and influence us unconsciously.

  -Mr. Liu of Hai You Trading

  It is good, meaningful and happy for members of the management team to study together. Theory can be applied well to practice. It's really valuable, but it requires ability to do so. The SPIN theory tool for sales communication mentioned by the teacher is very useful and meaningful.

- Mr. Peng (Technical Director)

The learning is good, especially the time allocation of the six functions of manager. After I go back, I will summarize my management construction, and gradually increase time spent on team building, team communication, team motivation and leading. I will moderately control time spent on my personal business.

- Mr. Guo of Beijing Branch

The study inspired me, especially the time allocation of the six functions of manager. After I go back, I will examine my team and management construction, and see how to adjust communication of the team to improve the effectiveness.

- Mr. Liu of Beijing Branch

All aspects of learning inspired me, especially the time allocation of the six functions of manager. In several communication games, I realized that in future communication I should manage my emotions.

-Mr. Wang of Xiangrun Commercial

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