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  • Core ideas
    Build the country based on talents● Promote business based on talents●People-oriented●Fusion and development
  • Goals and missions
    To build a business platform which displays talents of everyone, makes everyone develops comprehensively
    Establish a dynamic, creative, cohesive and sustainable organization; and support lead the development of the Group
  • Human resource strategy management system

    Human resource management is guided by Group strategies and employee-centered. Cultural human resource strategies are implemented, and the strategic human resource management system is established, so that human resource management becomes an indispensable part of core competence cultivation and sustainable development of Zhongyan Group.

  • Human resource strategy planning

    For human resource strategy planning, cultural human resources strategies are used. The core orientation is the people-oriented building of core values of staffs. The building of enterprise culture, team building, the cultivation of the sense of mission and responsibility, the cultivation of professional quality, succession planning, and the cultivation of key talents are attached importance to.

  • Construct a learning organization

    Fast learning is one of the core competencies of Zhongyan Group, so it is very important for Zhongyan Group to build a learning organization. A learning organization needs to create a cultural atmosphere for learning, maintain the spirit and attitude of learning, and establish a training system for learning.

  • Build the performance management culture

    Based on the company's long-term development direction and vision, through a series of effective integration and performance evaluation system, such as corporate strategy, human resources, finance and team building, employees can establish common values advocated by the enterprise, and form the excellent enterprise culture with the core of pursuit of high performance gradually.

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