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While developing the industries, Zhongyan Group seeks to pay back to the society and make contributions to the world with positive energy. It tries to develop group-wide awareness of social welfare and corporate social responsibility and encourages everyone to play a part.
Elderly Care Charity

Zhongyan Group hosts elderly welfare activities regularly, such as holiday greetings, birthday party, travelling, charity bazaar, tea ceremony and floriculture, healthcare, 50th and 25th anniversaries of a marriage, Chinese chess contest, to allow the elderly to have more hobbies and pastimes, and enjoy the warmth of a big family.

Community Charity

Community, a basic cell of the society, needs charity to strengthen and perfect its service functions and systems. Zhongyan visits communities and extends help to disadvantaged families regularly.

Educational Charity

Children are the future backbone of our country. Hence, educational charity is in the interest of the current and future generations. Zhongyan Group especially cares about the education of unattended children in rural areas and has paired with schools to help.

Charity Platform—Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation

  With the arrival of population ageing in China, social elderly care becomes an increasingly grave challenge. “Care for one’s old parents and all senior people”, to respect and support elderly people is something essential to the traditional Chinese culture and praised by the world. As Chinese, it is our obligation to carry forward the traditional filial morals. Therefore, Zhongyan Group and Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation launched Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation in March 2017. President Feng was appointed Director and Zhang Zaiyang, former governor of Luwan District, Director of Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, Deputy Director of the Fund-raising Committee, was appointed Deputy Director of the Foundation. Xu Benliang, Director of Shanghai Charity Education Training Center, was appointed General Advisor to the Foundation.

Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation has formed three programs, poverty relief and funding, health promotion, and spirit and culture, under the “Help the elderly and disadvantaged” brand alone over more than 30 years since its establishment in 1984. Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation initiated this time combines poverty relief, health promotion, spirit and culture into one and sets a new model of healthcare and elderly care combined.

  • Xu Benliang, Director of Shanghai Charity Education Training Center, was appointed General Advisor to the Foundation. He has written books on elderly care to guide social elderly care organizations and foster a social elderly care concept, with a view to drive advancement of social elderly care in China ultimately. In May 2017, Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation co-funded the publishing of Hospice Care for the Elderly, a book about life and philosophy. This book is intended to instill new understanding of the value and meaning of life and stimulate an aspiration for revitalization in all senior people and others in the society.

  • Zhongyan Group will donate one million yuan every year to support operations of the Foundation. It will fund rehabilitation devices, activities and healthcare for free for some rehabilitation centers, non-profit organizations and charity societies at schools in Shanghai and provide accessible and professional rehabilitation advice and services to the elderly together with rehabilitation physicians at the beginning. In time, this service model will cover all neighborhoods in Shanghai and provide better healthcare to more and more senior citizens.

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