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Developing New Economy, Zhongyan Group Strategically Invested on 80’s and 90’s

Crossovercommunion is not only the current trend of enterprise development, but also oneof the core capacities of the Zhongyan Group. In a complex and changeablemarket environment, the Zhongyan Group, with accurate vision and decisivejudgment, has keenly discovered 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance, an InternetSharing Platform for O2O Industry Alliance. After a detailed understanding ofthe business value of the alliance, Zhongyan Group decided to invest on thealliance, to integrate the advantages of both sides and to achieve win-windevelopment.Recently, Mr. FengXiang, Chairman and President of Zhongyan Group, participated in the "80’sand 90’s Industry Alliance Opening Ceremony & CHINSH Product Lauch"held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New Town of Mission Hills, Haikou. He alsosigned a strategic cooperation agreement with the 80’s and 90’s IndustryAlliance at the ceremony, which announced the officially commercial cooperationbetween the two parties; a trend of sharing will be brewing to set off.

Toencounter a new era of sharing economy

Sincethe subversion and the iteration are the characteristic of the current society,the main body of the Chinese market has quietly and gradually moved to thePost-80s and 90s and the Internet social media have also been popular among newgeneration who are striking and love to share. Maverick and with uniquepersonality, they are willing to accept new things but extremely practical.They have a special judgment and identification for content and value, soexperiencing and sharing become their favorite; they are the generation linkedtogether with Internet; with the help of microblog, WeChat, Taobao, take-away,code scanning, brushing, and shaking, they are free to fly and active on thestage of Internet.

ZhongyanGroup has in-depth thinking and does research on this situation, tryingcontinuously to expand cross-industry development with the innovative Internetmodel. How to integrate more advantageous resources in the fiercely competitivemarket and how to improve their competitiveness is the concern of the Group.That is also the reason why the 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance entered thevision of the Group.

Asa company of Internet Sharing Platform for o2o Industry Alliance, the 80’s and90’s Industry Alliance also witnessed the trend of the times. The companybrought together a group of 80’s and 90’s with unique personality, with dream,with attractive appearance and with high-quality social circle. Through thecorrect ways of integrating resources, coupled with the new concept ofexperience marketing on the Internet, with high-quality consulting and trainingsystem, with the perfect management model of membership center, promotion ofpersonalized custom brand product, channel resources are perfectly integratedto build a new industry alliance with the pursuit of high quality life as thecore and to bring more new possibilities for the traditional offline industry.

From the businessmodel of the 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance, Zhongyan Group saw the value ofthe model, which shares similarities with the judgment by the Zhongyan Group onthe market, so the investment and cooperation has become a matter of course.

Cross-border alliancesexerting polymerization effect like 1 +1> 2

Theinvestment in the Industry Alliance by the Group is not due so much to amomentary impulse for dreams or feelings, but to thorough thinking and carefuljudgment. That Alibaba become a shareholder of Suning is not just to suppressthe development of opponents, but for the resources, technology integration,talent complementarity of the two sides for the better upgrade; exertingpolymerization effect like 1 +1> 2. Zhongyan Group also made the same choiceas Ali.

Upgrade One: Newmarketing methods

TheInternet provides large data, link industry, and is the tool to serveconsumers. But how to use Internet is the key. In an era that everyone isself-media, word of mouth marketing, experience from social media and sharingare preferred ways to establish the image of new products. The 80’s and 90’sIndustry Alliance use the Internet in a way popular among target customers, sothat each product is based on experiencing and sharing. With real products andsincere services as quality content; target customers is provide with “suitableproducts + suitable way”; the result is naturally “sales + value”. ZhongyanGroup discovers not only the profitability performance from the project, butalso the possibilities to promote business cooperation with each other and toenrich marketing.

Upgrade Two:Win-win Situation by Sharing Resource Advantages

Onthe Internet, there is a popular saying that “those who have more flow canconquer the world”. Although this saying has its corresponding applicationscenarios, it is undeniable that flow is a very important element in theInternet economy. How should I convert flow into effective flow? Apart fromaccuracy, space for horizontal expansion should also be offered to customers.The sharing platform for the 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance focus on 80’s and90’s with attractive appearance and with high-quality social circles, resultingin network fans and bringing flow from customers. For Zhongyan Group withenterprises and projects all over the country, with nearly 20 subsidiaries anda pension fund, and with its industrial system covering three major industriessuch as finance and culture, these flows are very favorable sharing resources.Customers will get benefit when featured push information can meet the variousneeds of customers; the Group will get benefit when customers are satisfied andbecome the loyal customers of the enterprise. For Zhongyan Group or the 80’sand 90’s Industry Alliance, resource sharing, their own business advantages,and upgrade of brand image, customer service strength, and product can be saidto do more with less, because it can be said to achieve a tripartite win-winsituation by expanding the market, improving competitiveness and benefiting thecustomers.

Big Finance:

Bigfinance system of Finance+tourism+pension”

Big E-commerce:

E-commerce of “Platform+e-commerce+business live”

Big Culture:

Big Culture system of“movies+games+Entertainment terminal”

Upgrade Three:Expand partners

Afterinvestment in the 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance by the Group, with help ofthe advantages from Zhongyan Group, development of the Alliance will bepropelled. Xiamen Qianku Investment Co., Ltd., which has also signed astrategic cooperation agreement with Zhongyan Group and with the Alliance,support the Alliance. Zhongyan Group, together with the Xiamen Qianku, willsupport the 80’s and 90’s Industrial Alliance through different perspectives,and gradually realize the all-round eco-industrial layout including clothing,food, accommodation, travelling and entertainment, covering hotel, clothing,privacy space, tourism, light luxury mall, private custom, to create lightextravagant and minimalist way of life for the 80’s and 90’s.

Throughthe 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance, Zhongyan Group not only exchanges industrydevelopment and strategic thinking with Xiamen Qianku Investment Co., Ltd., asthe strategic partnership, but also identifies the creative entrepreneursappearing on platform for the first time, and supports them to set up their ownbusiness. Luo Wenliang, Chairman of the 80’s and 90’s Industry Alliance, saidthat the Alliance is to provide a platform for more dreamy entrepreneurs, tobecome a shelter from typhoon for those who fight alone, and ultimately torealize the goal of sharing the economy.

Inthe opening ceremony of the Alliance, debut of the CHINSH as the startingstation shows us the concept of "To youth, to life, and to the good".With geek spirit, it is building China's high-quality skin care products, shownew business brand with "new goods" quality andthe strength. At the same time, the awarding ceremony for 50 co-founder at homeand abroad present more innovative brands and industry counterparts forZhongyan Group, and further expand the space for cooperation and exchanges.

Theworld is changing at an unprecedented rate. Your competitors may appeareverywhere around you. Integration, new life ... is happening at every moment.In the future, with a profound understanding and judgments of the industry,Zhongyan Group will cooperate with more partners to expand market, to enhancethe competitiveness and to make greater contributions to the community!

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