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The Debut of hhcaac.com in International Fair, Strategic Cooperation Agreement w

InternationalJewelry & Jade Fair in China (Harbin) was held in Harbin InternationalConvention and Exhibition Center on May 18, 2017. More than 300 high-qualityjewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from Russia, United States,Poland, Japan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan got together in Harbin -the city of ice, bringing the treasures from all over the world. The stunningdebut of tens of thousands of exquisite pieces of North Red Agate, which hasbeen a meteoric rise in recent years, becomes the focus of the show.

Asthe largest, most professional and most authoritative cultural e-commerceplatform with North Red Agate as the leading brand in northern China,hhcaac.com was invited to participate in the Fair, and officially signed astrategic cooperation agreement with the Heilongjiang Xunke County Government,as well as with the Jewelry Detection Identification Center of HeilongjiangEntry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and jointly committed to buildingthe global leading brand of North Red Agate.

hhcaac.comdebuts in international fair, leading the development of the industry withinnovative development model.

Inthe jewelry industry, there is one famous saying that "agate discovered inChina is famous in the world; agate discovered in Xunke is famous in China".Because of its hardness second only to diamond and its color is warm, full,rich, agate discovered in Xunke becomes a dark horse rising in jewelry industryand popular in the market. However, the lack of product innovation of the NorthRed Agate for a long time results in weakness of brand effect and shortage ofmarket competitiveness. Especially relying solely on the traditional salesmodel greatly restricts brand promotion of the North Red Agate.

Foundedin November 2016, Heilongjiang Hua Hui Culture Development Co., Ltd.(hhcaac.com) realized that we must break the traditional market model to promotethe North Red Agate. In this context, hhcaac.com innovates a model of"cultural industry + Internet + financial services" to create thefirst cultural ecommerce platform with the North Red Agate as the leadingbrand.

Throughthe advanced electronic platform, hhcaac.com turns the model of the traditionalspot and market trade into model of open and centralized online trade, whicheffectively solve the problem of asymmetric information in actual delivery. Inparticular, the rating standards and price index of North Red Agate will begradually introduced; the dynamic consulting and analytical data and otherinformation of the North Red Agate will be timely released, which will furtherregulate the operation of the North Red Agate, and ultimately create a nationaland international authoritative and credible cultural ecommerce platform.

Thestrategic cooperation agreement with Xunke County Government and the JewelryDetection Identification Center of Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection andQuarantine Bureau starts a new era of North Red Agate

Thesudden emergence of North Red Agate is in urgent need of brand operation inorder to better build the leading brand of North Red Agate and to create acomplete industrial chain of the North Red Agate. In the Fair, in the witnessof global brand jewelers, jewelry experts and the media, hhcaac.com officiallysigned a strategic cooperation agreement with the Xunke County Government, aswell as with the Jewelry Detection Identification Center of HeilongjiangEntry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and jointly committed to buildingthe global leading brand for North Red Agate.

Jade Detection andIdentification Center of Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and QuarantineBureau, is a Jade detection and identification center jointly established underthe cooperation between the Heilongjiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau andthe Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it also a jewelry inspectionand identification agencies recognized and authorized by the state. Jewelryjade inspection and identification, rough diamond inspection, diamond grading,precious metals testing and other professional services can be widely carriedout, which can help the hhcaac.com to become a cultural business platformmaking a vast number of gem lovers assured.

XunkeCounty, due to its production of North Red Agate, is known as the"hometown of red agate". North Red Agate has also been regarded as animportant local economic resource. Therefore, the county government attachesgreat importance to the strategic cooperation agreement, hoping to expand theinfluence of North Red Agate on the global jewelry industry with brand effect.

Thesigning of the strategic cooperation agreement will effectively integrate theresources advantages, capital advantage and talent advantage from the threeparties, helpful for the building of leading brand of North Red Agate, andheading toward the goal of becoming the largest, most professional and mostauthoritative cultural ecommerce platform.

Agate discovered inChina is famous in the world; agate discovered in Xunke is famous in China.

Asa first-class national port, Xunke County, located in the northern border ofChina and at the south bank of the middle reaches of Heilongjiang is known as"hometown of red agate”. Agate reserves are about 1.22 million tons, with300 tons of the annual extraction. In 2014, "Xunke Agate", approvedas National Geographical Indication Protection Product, was included in the"China Geographical Indication Product Collection".

With "Chineselight, national color", rich resources and high taste of the gem-levelXunke agate laid a solid foundation for the development of agate industry. Atpresent, Agate Cultural Industry Street has been built in Xunke, with theproducts exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia and othercountries.

Due to the situation,Xunke county government creates pattern of the characteristics agate industrylike "hundred flow to the sea". North Red Agate experienced a gradualevolution process like cocoon turning into the butterfly, becoming a culturalindustry brand of Heilongjiang Province, and welcomed as the "new favoritefor collection".

In fact, agate iscommon, but "gem-level" natural agate is not common at all. Xunkeagate has five characteristics of the gem; that is, bright and beautiful color,high hardness, transparency, chemical stability and scarcity, therefore, it isknown as the "gem-level" agate.

Red   Popular in jade world, there is an saying,"Agate without red bears no value." The major color of Xunke agate isred, together with yellow, white and purple, which have unique style because ofits glow and gentle gorgeousness.

Bright   “Smooth and delicate, crystal clear;colorful, full bright; clear lines with a natural pattern”. This is theevaluation of Xunke agate from the experts, but also the basis to identify theauthenticity of the Xunke agate.

Transparent   Its totally natural characteristic andtransparency can be comparable with crystal, which make the agate a specialproduct.

Hardness    Hardness is up to 8.0 degree, higher thanthe hardness of agate from other origins, second only to diamond and corundum.

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