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Started Steadily in 2016, To be developed Greatly in 2017 - Conference

December 30, 2016was a solemn day for Shanghai Hai Bo Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as Hai Bo Company). After exquisite planning and carefulpreparation, Hai Bo Company held the conference of annual summary at conferenceroom of 7F of the New Dream Building. The conference was classified into themanagement conference and the staff conference. The management conferenceincluded working summary for year 2016 and preparing working target for year2017; and the staff conference included summary of the Company’s targets foryear 2016, economic and industrial situations analysis for year 2017, workingtarget breakdown for year 2017 and excellent staff praising. The conferencebroke up the mode of conventional working summary conference, combinedbrainstorm and buffet party into the conference, fully played the force offreedom and democracy, and provided the opportunity of the staff participationand communication, analyzing the work for year 2016 and reaching consensus fortarget of the year 2017.

Working summaryfor year 2016: centering team management, supported by talent training andfocusing on customer development

The year 2016 wassignificant for Hai Bo Company. The customers grew explosively, the team grewup fast, and Hai Bo Company started steadily in Zhongyan Group in 2016. Thefast growth was accompanied by growing pains. The management of Hai Bo AssetsCompany was thinking about how to change.

Customerdevelopment: explosive growth.

In the year 2016,excellent team of Hai Bo Company gained an increase of 20 times of customerswith efforts, and invited more than one thousand customers through productsales and recommendation conference, cocktail party, tourism and othermulti-layered and three-dimensional customer programs. The customers’activities were warmly welcomed by customers, for such a purpose, Hai BoCompany established Zhongyan (Hai Bo) Tourism Club to provide professional andconsiderate services, which had profound influences on customer service.

Hai Bo CompanyTeam: Fast Growth

Till December,team scale of Hai Bo Company reached 35 times of the initial scale. Seen fromstaff structure, the team of Hai Bo Company featured youth, high academicbackground and high quality etc. The staff with undergraduate backgroundaccounted for 80%, the postgraduate accounted for 10% and overseas studentsaccounted for 2%, with average age of 27, and more than 70% of the staff wasShanghai natives.

Fast growth of theteam scale must be accompanied by growing trouble, mainly including systematicmanagement perfection and target management rigidity.

(1) The systematicmanagement means a kind of management which restricts the staff in accordancewith the strict system, and nothing cannot be accomplished without norms orstandards. The unified and systematic system can play overall advantages of theenterprise, match inside and outside of the enterprise, avoid difference andfluctuation of enterprise management due to difference of capability andfeature of the staff and keep the company develop continuously, steadily andhealthily. Hai Bo Company is so young and the systematic management is to beimproved.

(2) According tothe target management, the corporate missions and tasks are must be transformedinto target. After determination of the organizing task, it must be effectivelybroken down and transformed into departmental and individual targets, and themanagement assesses, awards and punishes the inferior based on completion ofthe target. The target management issue of Hai Bo Company is not to break thetarget and plan into each quarter, each month, each data and each detail,mobilize the staff’s activity to think how we attain the targets through meansand methods. The target is broken up and becomes tasks which must be completed.

Annual excellentstaff awarding: awarding staff with outstanding performance

Annual outstandingcontribution award - Qian Yifan

Qian Yifan is theDeputy Director of No.2 Fund Department of Hai Bo Company, was awardedindividual annual performance runner-up in year 2016, led the team to beingawarded annual performance runner-up and attained indirect performance by teamsup to 4 million Yuan.

Qian Yifan joinedthe Company on December 16, 2015, was promoted to team manager in July, 2016,through efforts made, was promoted to Deputy Director in October, 2016, and waspromoted twice within less than one year.  

Annual outstandingindividual prize - Tao Xiaocong

Tao Xiaocong isthe team manager of No.1 Fund Department of Hai Bo Company, was awardedindividual annual performance championship in 2016 and led the team to beingawarded annual performance championship.

Tao Xiaocong, amaster graduate of East China Normal University, joined the Company inDecember, 2015, because of not learning the major of finance, she overcame manydifficulties that many people did not known, within one year, she was promotedto team manager from the fund business staff, and was acknowledged by thecompany leaders and colleagues.

They areoutstanding representatives of Hai Bo Company, who work steadily, diligently,challenge difficulties, with outstanding performance, and lead the team toachieving target while acquiring excellent performance. Hai Bo Company needsmore excellent staff like them.

Workingtarget for year 2017: 10 times of growth of performance target, towardssystematic management and target management

In the year 2017, HaiBo Company will achieve 10 times of growth based on the performance made inyear 2016, which is a great challenge for Hai Bo Company. Therefore, theexcellent team building is crucial to achieving the performance.

Based on workingperformance in year 2016, Hai Bo Company optimizes the team management. Fourmanagers were promoted in 2017 due to excellent performance in 2016; and sixmanagers were demoted in 2017 due to poor performance in 2016.

In terms of teammanagement, the systematic management and target management are key managementof Hai Bo Company for the next year, and the work is classified into the fiveissues:

1) Terminal salesand management system building;

2) Staffrecruitment and training system building;

3) Staffattendance and attendance check management;

4) Staff’s dailymanagement system building;

5) Staffexcitation system building;

The success in thepast gives birth to surprise today, and the efforts made today forecastsbrilliance tomorrow. In the year 2017, starting at a new starting point, Hai BoCompany amplifies the existing advantages, highlights potential advantages andbuilds the advantages that others do not have. All the staff shall unite, makemore efforts, and march forward, and strive for the blueprint of Hai BoCompany!

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