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Good News, Simoge Houses Build the Brand of Jiangyan Island Resort

Good News, Simoge Houses Build the Brand of Jiangyan Island Resort

Shanghai Zhuxiang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, and Jiangyan Village in the City of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province signed a contract the other day for the Jiangyan Island Resort andSimoge Fishing Houses project. This was the first time Zhuxiang acted as sole contractor of an intact island development project. The proposed Jiangyan Island Resort is among major projects set out in the 13th Five-Year Development Plan for the Service Industry of Taizhou and the local government is lending every effort on it. Zhuxiang will build Simoge Houses and a waterfront landscape platform. Ding Delin, Vice President of Zhongyan Group, Chen Feng, General Manager of Zhuxiang and Wu Side, the head of Jiangyan Village were present to sign the contract.

△Signing the contract of theSimoge Fishing Houses project

The Simoge Fishing Houses project marks the beginning of partnership between Zhuxiang and the government and the first project of Zhongyan based in Zhejiang since it started to develop buildings of EPS environment-friendly materials. This project is the start of cooperation between Zhuxiang and Jiangyan Island to develop medium-/high-end resorts in an intact ecology. Zhuxiang will make the most of local geographical advantages, capitalize its experience in successful market operation and management, plan for and develop Simoge Houses and the waterfront landscape platform in an efficient and appropriate manner and incorporate the “green industries, environment-friendly industries, Internet+industries” concept into the phase I plan of the Jiangyan Island Resort.

Zhuxiang has made big strides since its inception, guided by the Group’s “Finance +Internet +Industries” growth model, with Innovation, Green, Open and Sharing as its development rule, and by seizing dominant trends and taking restructuring of the industry as an opportunity. Simoge Houses mark an important step of Zhuxiang in its explorations into buildings of environment-friendly materials. Simoge Houses won Green B&B Award 2017 at the Second Shanghai International B&B Cultural Industry Expo, for its green, low-carbon, recyclable and sustainable development philosophy, and contribution to innovative products and services protecting the ecology and environment.  

Jiangyan Island is also called Lion Island because it looks like a lonely and proud lion. Situated to the southwest of Yucheng Street, in the southern middle of Leqing Bay, close to Xiaodan Island and Ruoli Hill to the east, Dawu Island and Xiaowu Island to the west, Jinji Reef to the south and Dadan Island to the north, Jiangyan Island is covered by lush vegetation and boasts picturesquescenery. It was the base of a marine guerrilla during the liberation war. It has a forest park known for “Rosy evening clouds and lonely ducks fly together. The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky”.

Keeping the nature intact is a feature of development of the Jiangyan Island Resort. This coincides with the low-carbon, green and close to nature philosophy upheld by Simoge Houses. Simoge Houses use new EPS materials and natural architectural forms, and are therefore of both economical and artistic value and have multiple advantages, namely, energy saving, environment-friendly materials, high economic value, close to nature, and effective resistance against the external environment.

The Simoge Fishing Houses project, or phase I of the Jiangyan Island Resort, is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival next year. Phase I, when completed, is expected to have impact on the surrounding 40 square km area, give a boost to local tourism, enrich regional culture, expand the awareness of Jiangyan Island and heighten this area’s appeal and competitiveness.

Zhuxiang agrees with the industrial development philosophy of Jiangyan Island. The cooperation on the Simoge Fishing Houses project this time is a result of consensuson development strategy between the two parties. Such consensus is the first step of future win-win cooperation. Zhuxiang will tap into the full potential of all sorts of natural sights and local humanistic resources of Jiangyan Island and build the brand of Taizhou island resort tour with the success of this project.

In the future, Zhuxiang will bring into full play its business management and marketing capabilities, provide better services for the development of new industries on Jiangyan Island in phase II and III and map out a blueprint for the Jiangyan Island Resort.

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