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Given a thumb-up by CCTV! You should be proud of Zhongyan!

The movie Love in Ili invested by Zhongyan became a recent mega hit again! CCTV6 covered the movie, “Love in Ili, A Movie Produced for Cultural Exchange Under the Belt and Road Initiative Invested by Zhongyan”.

In the one-minute news coverage, CCTV featured the grand press conference of the movie held in Astana.

As a movie intended for cultural exchange under the Belt and Road Initiative, Love in Ili was jointly produced by Zhongyan Group, China Agriculture Film and Television Center, the Propaganda Department of XinjiangIliKazakAutonomousPrefecture and National Radio and TV Company of Kazakhstan. The movie is intended to promote the Belt and Road Initiative of China and Sunshine Boulevard of Kazakhstan,boost cultural exchange between these two countries, strengthen ties between two civilizations and people, carry forward the Silk Road tradition, heighten the influence of Chinese andKazakhstan culture in theworld, and deepen the friendship between Chinese and Kazakhstan people. It is a movie of diversity combining artistic, cultural and commercial elements.

The investment in this movie is an epitome of the Group’s booming business. Throughout the year of 2017 coming to the end, the Group has delivered excellent track records, thanks to joint efforts of every staff member, guided by the “Finance +Internet +Industries” growth model.  

From Boao Forum for Asia, to elderly care field research by the State Council and to APEC……

The staff of Zhongyan should be proud of what has been done in 2017!

January 11

The Group formed a win-win alliance with Yunchuang Group and Dehong Sculpture Institute, Yunnan, aiming at future success.

March 16
The Group launched Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation in strategic cooperation with Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation to provide better services to the elderly.

March 23-26
The Group was invited to Boao Forum for Asia 2017 and met political and business elites from the world.

April 19
Shanghai Jinzhou Primary School, funded by the Group, celebrated its 20thanniversary, marking the Group’s contribution to education.

The Group extended help to disadvantaged families in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province, and showed passion for commonweal.

April 26
Heilongjiang Changhe Cultural Network Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, held a grand opening. The Company will be engaged in charity and elderly care and drive the cultural industry.

May 19
The Group and the government of Xunke, Heilongjiang inked a strategic pact to build North Red Agate as a brand of global awareness.

May 31
A party was thrown in celebration of finishing shooting Warriors of Future, China’s first science fiction masterpiece produced by Hollywood, co-invested by theGroup.

The Group launched ynanzb.com, which is envisaged asthe largest e-commerce platform for online and offline jewelry and jade trading, service and support in China.

June 14
Some counselors from the State Council visited Shanghai to do elderly care field research and the Group was the only business entity invited. Feng Xiang, Chairman of the Board, made a presentation on the elderly care business of the Group and gave an advice on the industry.

June 18
Bloom of Youth, a movie co-invested by the Group, made its debut at Shanghai International Film Festival. The movie is a tribute to the 1970s.

June 30
Feng Xiang, Chairman of the Board, was invited to the Belt and Road Project Cooperation Summit and appointed deputy director of the Investment & Finance Promotion Committee, CAFIEC, of the Ministry of Commerce. The Group was honored as vice chief organization.

The Group made an investment in the 8090 Industry Alliance, to make its foray intothe sharing economy.

Zhongyan Mall went live officially, a one-stop service platform providing new retail services.

The Group launched Your Money, a life application, on App Store and all Android app marketplaces.

Mr. Smoke Manor, a large business simulation game powered by the Group, was ready for internal test.

ynanzb.com of the Group forged a strategic partnership with Ms. Cao Chi, a porcelain painter well known at home and abroad.

The Group organized the staff to make donations to Jiuzhaigou after it was hit by an earthquake. The proceeds were totallydelivered to the disaster-hit region through the Red Cross Society of China.

The Spring of North Red Agate live show platformwent live officially.

Hua Hui Culture, Charity and Art Ceremony co-organized by Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation and Zhongyan Group was held in Shanghai successfully.

Keep Calm and Be a Superstar, a comedy co-invested by the Group and starring Chen Yixun, Li Ronghao and Cui Zhijia, hit the big screen countrywide on January 12.

The grand press conference of Love in Ili, a movie produced for cultural exchange underthe Belt and Road Initiative invested by the Group, washeld in Astana.
November 6-11
The Group was invited to APEC CEO Summit Vietnam 2017 and met elites and celebrities from the world.

November 19
DSH Cyber Café, a new cyber café brand launched by the Group, opened grandly.

November 28
The Fourth Design on Aging Challenge sponsored by the Groupended in great success in Shanghai.

The Simoge Houses project won Green B&B Award 2017 at the Second Shanghai International B&B Cultural Industry Expo.

Shanghai Zhuxiang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, was awarded the Jiangyan Island Resort contract and will play a part in building a new ecotourism brand.

December 3

Happy Pedestrian Street, a comedy funded by Your Money of the Group, was aired on iqiyi and Heilongjiang TV.

In the future, Zhongyan will continue to honor its promises with actions and deliver good performance.

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