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Pool public forces together to innovate for the elderly!

The Fourth Design on Aging Challenge sponsored by Zhongyan ended in great success in Shanghai on 28 November 2017. The contest this year was co-organized by Shanghai Science&Technology Senior Citizens Service Center and Shanghai Information Services Association, directed by the office of Shanghai Senior Citizens' Work Committee, the Bureau of Retired Officials of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee and Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation. Zhang Manli, the head of Elderly Care Business Division, Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation, attended and addressed the event on behalf of Zhongyan Group.

Intended to promote new lifestyles of the elderly with innovations, the Design on Aging Challengehas drawn attention widelysince its inception. Many innovative elderly service programs have emerged in the contest and won unanimous praise.

Respect the aged of other families as we respect our own

▲Ms. Zhang Manli addressing the audience

Zhang Manli started her opening address by citing a traditional moral principle of the Chinese, “Respect the aged of other families as we respect our own”, introduced the status quo of population aging and the elderly service industry in China and proposed that elderly care is a responsibility shared by every member of our society.

“Elderly care is fundamentally different from other undertakings. It has the lofty properties of commonweal undertakings when compared with purely commercial activities. It is an undertaking that embodies the emotions, culture, ethics and civilization of a nation.”

As a pioneer in the elderly service industry of China, Zhongyan Group is dedicated to providing high-quality and enjoyable services to senior citizens and this happens to coincide with the theme of the contest, that is, “To pool resources of the industry together to give support, penetrate into communities through an online service platform and serve the elderly”. The Group has been exploring new elderly care models since its inception and made an effort to understand their needs in clothing, food, residence, transportation and recreation, and to encourage others to contribute to elderly care.

“To involve more business entities in elderly care, giving support to innovative elderly service programs and boosting innovations for the elderly will bring material benefits to more senior citizens.”

The long-term development of the elderly service sector must be built on the evolution of ideology of the society. There is still a long way to go to cultivate the awareness of social elderly care in China. Hence, when it comes to the elderly service sector, Zhongyan Group follows the guiding rule of “scientific planning and proper deployment” and makes continued efforts to explore into and drive the elderly service sector.

Zhongyan has tailored an innovative and omni-bearing elderly care system to local situation

Population aging poses a growing threat to China, while the elderly service sector is in its infancy. Compared with the sound elderly service system completed in quite a few countries, China’s elderly service system leaves a lot to be desired. Christopher How, CEO of an Australia-based elderly care organization, pointed out in his speech, “Elderly Service Models and Trends in West Australia”, that China and Australia have something in common in elderly care and may work together and learn from each other. Yin Zhigang, former director of Shanghai Research Center on Aging, called for learning from good elderly care models adopted by other countries, but suggested at the same time services should be based on local environment and cater to the special needs of Chinese senior citizens.

▲Yin Zhigang giving a speech

Elderly care is a lifelong undertaking Zhongyan Group pursues. For this purpose, while growing its business, the Group has made great efforts on the elderly care sector, for example, by launching Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation, cultivating the awareness of social elderly care and building up the operation and management capabilities of elderly service organizations.

Over the last few years, the Group has followed the guiding rule of “scientific planning and proper deployment” and created a multi-faceted omni-bearing elderly service system integrating wealth management, resort, recreation, science and technology and mall for the elderly. All of these have brought greater benefits to the elderly.

In June 2017, the Group was the only one representing the business sector invited to the workshop on elderly care field research done by some counselorsfrom the State Council visiting Shanghai. That was a gesture of high praise of the Group’s contribution to the elderly care undertaking from the government.

Zhongyan Elderly Care Business Line Taking Shape

△Resort for the Elderly: Zhongyan Group has formed Shanghai Changhe Ledong Elderly Service Co., Ltd specially to deal in elderly services. With “Think about what the elderly is thinking” as it tenet, the company has launched a resort for the elderly business model innovatively, providing senior neighborhood everyday care, healthcare, convalescing in a different place and travelling like migratory birds, among other services.

△ Science & Technology for the Elderly: Science and technology may of avail to elderly services. Some high-tech gear helping the elderly sleep better has been jointly developed with Silicon Valley and VR devices suited to use by the elderly have been developed with Shanghai University.

△Wellbeing of the Elderly: Zhongyan Group hosts elderly welfare activities regularly, such as holiday greetings, birthday party, cultural tours, philanthropic care, tea ceremony and floriculture, healthcare, 50thand 25thanniversary of a marriage, Chinese chess contest, to allow the elderly to have more hobbies and pastimes, and enjoy the warmth of a big family.

We believe the advancement of science and technology, a better social environment and the push given by the government will enable every physical and spiritual need of senior citizens to be better satisfied. “Respect the aged of other families as we respect our own” will become a common understanding of the society and we will embrace a harmonious society of population aging.

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