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[Breaking News] The Group and Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation Launch

With the arrivalof population ageing, the 13th Five-Year Plan and the governmentwork reports delivered on NPC&CPPCC lately have both set forth requirements fordeveloping the charity cause in an emphatic and explicit tone, which hasimmediately aroused enthusiasm and debate widely in the public. It is necessaryto drive innovations in social governance and promote sound development of thecharity cause and volunteer services lawfully, to protect the legitimate rightsand interests of women, children and senior citizens, both the Plan and thework reports proposed.

Being a highlyresponsible corporate citizen, the Group feels duty bound to carry forward theChinese spirit, inherit the Chinese civilization, care and serve for theelderly, provide them with a whole set of high-quality services and allow themto enjoy a worry-free happy life. On the basis of finance, culture and theInternet, the Group has decided to take upon elderly service as a lifelongcareer, develop an elderly service industrial chain combining wealthmanagement, tourism, recreation, shopping mall and nursing home and become thelargest elderly service provider in China.

The Group hasshown high regards for and taken an active part in charity since itsestablishment. In June 2016, when Funing and other parts of Jiangsu Provincewere hit by a tornado, the Group donated and delivered money and supplies tothe disaster-hit region immediately. In early 2017, the Group launched acharity foundation in Heilongjiang, to help elderly people living alone,unattended children in rural areas and seriously ill patients, among otherdisadvantaged people in Northeast China.

In Shanghai, themetropolitan city where the Group is headquartered, to contribute to charity isof course something the Group will choose and be determined to do. The Grouphas contacted charity and non-profit organizations based in Shanghai widely inrecent months and finally decided to work with Shanghai Senior CitizensFoundation to launch Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation. And here comesthe grand launch ceremony of the foundation today. This marks a greatgratification to the Group, a milestone in the Group’s plan to develop theelderly care industry and charity and the best testament to the Group’s socialinfluence and well-earned reputation!

At 10:50 am, March16, the launch ceremony of Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation tookplace at the hall on the fifth floor of Xian Qiang Fang, Yong An Hotel,Shanghai. President Feng was appointed Director and Zhang Zaiyang, formergovernor of Luwan District, Director of Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation,Deputy Director of the Fund-raising Committee, was appointed Deputy Director ofthe Foundation. Xu Benliang, Director of Shanghai Charity Education TrainingCenter, was appointed General Advisor of the Foundation. Other leaders presentat the ceremony were Tang Guocai, former Deputy Secretary General of theStanding Committee of Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Director of GeneralOffice, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, Cai Zhirong,Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Committee of Huangpu District, Director ofShanghai Senior Citizens Foundation and Deputy Director of the Propaganda andEvent Committee, Lao Guangxi, Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of BaosteelGroup, Director of Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation and Deputy Director ofthe Fund-raising Committee, Gan Weigang, former Director of SecuritySupervision Bureau of Zhabei District, Director and Deputy Secretary General ofShanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, head of Dean's Office and head of Practiceof University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

Guests Sign-in

At 9:30am, guestsarrived and signed in one after another, waiting for the opening. At 10:50am,the host announced the beginning of the awarding ceremony and introducedleaders and other guests present.

Gan Weigang MakingA Speech

Gan Weigang made aspeech first. He started with an introduction of the founding and status quo ofShanghaiSenior Citizens Foundation. The foundation has 16 special-purposefunds, which are intended to allow the elderly to enjoy better, secured andhigh-quality life at home, with the care of the society and corporate citizens,according to him.

Shanghai SeniorCitizens Foundation has formed three programs, poverty relief and funding,health promotion, and spirit and culture, under the “Help the elderly anddisadvantaged” brand alone over more than 30 years since its establishment in1984. The Common Senile Diseases Fund and the Senior Eye Health programslaunched in recent years are applauded by the ever growing elderly population.Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation initiated this time combines povertyrelief, health promotion, spirit and culture into one and sets a new model ofhealthcare and elderly care combined.

President FengMaking A Speech

Following theaddress by Gan Weigang, President Feng made a speech. He introduced the Group’sphilanthropic philosophy and development status and revealed the Group hasfounded Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation with Shanghai SeniorCitizens Foundation out of care for the elderly and a wish to pay back to thesociety and it is a big move that meets the needs of an ageing society andresponds to the government’s call for “giving priority to elderly services”,and injects new energy and vitality into the Group’s elderly care business. Hewishes the Group will create more fortune, make more contributions to thesociety and be more frequently involved in charity activities.

The foundationwill fund rehabilitation devices, activities and healthcare for free for somerehabilitation centers, non-profit organizations and charity societies atschools in Shanghai and provide accessible and professional rehabilitation adviceand services to the elderly together with rehabilitation physicians at thebeginning. In time, it will also provide elderly rehabilitation services toneighborhoods nearby and allow more elderly people to benefit from the program.

Against thebackdrop of worsening population ageing and growing concerns among the publicin China over elderly care, the Foundation uses social healthcare resources,combines elderly care, healthcare, tourism and culture and structures amulti-dimensional new elderly service system, in hopes of bringing care andwarmth to the elderly and improving their life quality and wellbeing by thismeans, President Feng pointed out in his speech.

Signing DonationAgreement

After PresidentFeng closed his speech, he and Zhang Zaiyang signed the donation agreementbetween Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation and the Group. One million yuan hasbeen raised for the Foundation this time and more medical devices will bepurchased in the future to provide accessible services to the elderly,President Feng stated. He believes that the Foundation will soon trigger a waveof innovation in elderly service model in China.

After that, LaoGuangxi read out the reply from the competent authority and officiallyannounced the founding of Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundation.

Plaque Awarding

Next, the audiencewitnessed the awarding of the plaque of Zhongyan Elderly RehabilitationFoundation. Tang Guocai conferred the plaque along with a certificate of honorto the Group. It is a gesture of appreciation to the Group’s socialresponsibility and marks the official commencement of the Foundation.

Signing StrategicCooperation Agreement

The next stepbrought the event to a climax. Leaders of Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundationextended their warm regards and presented “Chenghuang Longevity Noodles” tosome senior members of the Group.

Tang Guocai andAdvisor Liu of the Group addressed the strategic cooperation agreement signingsession between the foundation and University of Shanghai for Science andTechnology. This cooperation creates a useful platform for college students tocontribute to charity and caters to the need for harmonious social development,they noted. Against the backdrop of worsening population ageing, guided bygovernment policies, we will put forth more efforts into charity and allow moreelderly people in need of help to receive care and attention.

Conferring Letterof Appointment

After thestrategic cooperation agreement was signed, President Feng conferred Letter ofAppointment as General Advisor to Xu Benliang, former Director of ContinuedEducation School of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Guest Professor atShanghai Outlook Training Base of Office of the Leading Group for WesternRegion Development of the State Council, one of the earliest seniorentrepreneurship mentors in Shanghai, and head of Shanghai entrepreneurshiptraining. He wishes that Mr. Xu will give advice to the Group and the Foundationwith his rich practical experience and high reputation in entrepreneurshipguidance.

Given itsextensive influence, the Foundation will give a strong impetus to thedevelopment of the elderly welfare cause and in particular set an example forbusiness entities’ involvement in charity. This event has drawn extensiveattention and support. All mainstream media, like www.cntv.cn, www.qq.com,sh.qq.com, Shanghai Morning Post,www.scf.org.cn, Shanghai Senior CitizenPost and We are retired, were onthe spot to report the event. Shanghai TV gave live coverage from the beginningto the end. The propaganda center of the Group will track and share follow-upreports on this event from the media.

The event ended inloud applause. We sincerely wish Zhongyan Elderly Rehabilitation Foundationwould do better and better, take the lead and become a role model in China’selderly service industry.

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