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The launch conference for film

△The launch conference for film "Memories of the Youth" was held at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, Mr. Feng Xiang, Chairman and President of Zhongyan Group, as a joint producer, attended the conference and took photo with the main team

"Memories of the Youth", co-presented by Zhongyan Group, debut at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival
On June 18, at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, there is the grand launch conference for "Memories of the Youth" created by the “Iron Triangle” Ye Jing, Feng Xiaogang and Wang Shuo; starring by Chuai Ni, Kai Xuan, Yan Wenxuan, Zhang Doudou, Jiang Peiyao; jointly produced by Er Dong Pictures, Loepo Pictures, Beijing Times Films Co., Ltd, Datang Brilliant Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd., attracting the attention from domestic and foreign film professionals and medias.

The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival for ten days came to an end on June 25th. As China's only international A-class film festival, Shanghai International Film Festival was founded in 1993, growing with the Chinese film industry, and has become an international film brand, which is the international window of Chinese film showing to the world. Works debut on Shanghai International Film Festival has become the glory and dreams for Chinese film people.

At the launch conference of film "Memories of the Youth", there are more than 500 Chinese and foreign films on debut at the current China Film Festival, with 1500 viewing activities. More than 10 films from the United States, China, Romania, Poland, Italy, Russia, Britain, Germany, Japan, Philippines, and Iran competed for Golden Cup Award. In addition, the film festival also covers film and television investment and financing, production, post, special effects, visual effects, distribution, marketing, legal, games and other fields, attracting more than 200 domestic and foreign exhibitors. There is no doubt that the Shanghai International Film Festival has become a professional stage for the world's film show.

Iron Triangle, with ingenuity, created the film "Memories of the Youth", paying tribute to the exciting youth in 1970s and fiery feelings
The "Iron Triangle" of Ye Jing, Feng Xiaogang, and Wang Shuo reunited with ingenuity to create youth memory of 70s. The classic film produced 11 years ago will be restarted in the form of film, and make the fans, who had experienced the youth, excited. Directing the TV series with the same name, Director Ye Jing once again directed the film version, bold use of girls to act the main hero, digging the spirit of the characters, breaking through the barriers, so that the film really restore the cruel years of youth, and inspiring people to think about social change and to explore complexity of human nature.

"Memories of the Youth" tells about youth memories for a group of children born in the late fifties of the last century, growing in the Beijing compound, and experiencing the special age. In the context of the transition from the old ear to the new era, the different aspects of youth are shown. The chaos of the relationship between the characters in the story, the contradictions and conflicts of the characters' personality, the subculture of the life style and the unscrupulous means of pursuing the interests; all of these show that during the period in which social history should be standardized, the human nature is once suppressed and they will have terrible destructive power after rebounding.

The movie version of "Memories of the Youth", after the ingenuity polishing by Director Ye Jing and the other two members of the "Iron Triangle", is definitely not a single romance, nor a pure youth show. It is a nostalgic youth film beyond the times; making people find memories, going back to youth, so that all people, experienced and experiencing youth, can empathize with the film. The audience of different ages will get different inspirations, so it is not only a movie with youth theme, but an art film. It condensed culture and feelings of an era; it is a classic worth looking forward to and carefully taste with peaceful heart.

1970s had witnessed the change in an era of China's unique reform and opening-up, and created a bold generation dare to break the conventions in a particular era background, which give that generation unlimited opportunities and a heavy mission. Now, those who had experienced 1970s are already the backbone of society. The good life created by them with their youth is nourishing a better future. In the current great times of fast-changing, with the rapid development of the nation, the simple feelings of 70's generation, pride of the ideal and faith to faith, are very worthy of praise, but also worthy of vivid portrayal in the form of film and television works, which is also the mind of the creative staff! The 70’s are a strong, kind, fearless, and wonderful generation. In the era of rapid economic development, I believe that the film is making people who had experienced 1970s and now are in their 40s surging and throbbing. The story of that era and the youth of that era will once again rush to their heart and wet everyone's eyes!

Film industry of Zhongyan Group and its cultural feelings
Culture shapes the film, which in turn affects the culture through the way of art. Lenin said: "For us, in all artistic styles, the most important thing is the film." As a cultural product, the film records our current life. At the same time, the film imperceptibly affects our minds, behavior habits and ways of communication through the unique innovation elements added by the filmmakers. Art comes from life, and goes beyond it. Film is another way of life, it embodies the relationship between man and nature, people and people, people and society, so that people know how to think from it and reflect themselves.

The film is a complex collection of humanistic education and economic benefits. Especially in the age that fine traditional Chinese culture is inherited and carried forward; the spirit of reform and innovation is carried forward; film has played an important and irreplaceable unique role. As the successor and disseminator of the Chinese traditional culture, Zhongyan Group adhere to the correct and healthy value orientation in the film and television industry layout; in an infinite inclusive pattern, hope to assume the guidance and publicity of the mainstream ideology apart from the commercial operation; pass and release positive energy. On one hand, the Group adheres to the fine strategy in film and television and does not blindly follow the trend. On the other hand, they pay attention to the cultural connotation of the film, create excellent cultural works, introduce masterpieces which propagate more popular contemporary Chinese values, reflect the spirit of Chinese culture, and reflect the Chinese aesthetic pursuit.

Zhongyan Group invested in film "Memories of the Youth", to pay tribute to youth, and to the film's cultural and artistic feelings, but also to our great motherland and great times.

The so-called feelings are the spiritual focus from the country's most extensive people. Feelings, through the precipitation, form cultural symbols.

What is cultural symbol? In short, it is a kind of signature move of feelings. Such as the personality of Mr. Six in film "Mr. Six", will be externalized into the language, action, specific behavior patterns and specific clothing props (military coat and Japanese army knife). Cultural symbols should have features of penetrating and be easy to identify. So we found that "Mr. Six", "The Trouble Shooters" by Wang Shuo, "In the Heart of the Sun" by Jiang Wen, the TV series "Memories of the Youth" and Cui Jian's rock and roll share the same strain. It is the pain and reflection by generation of "Talented People" in the turmoil pain and under the impact of reform and opening-up. These signature moves have been immersed in the cultural reflection of a national collective, and gradually solidified into cultural symbols. Therefore, when “Mr. Six” was on show, we immediately recognized it.

"Memories of the Youth" is not so much a film recording youthful memories, as it is a change map of era. When the old and the new era is in qualitative change period and a kind of running radical force is promoting social change, a variety of contradictions is stirring up the life of each person. In face of the huge gap between material and spirit, reality and dream, people's spiritual beliefs and desire for material are under fierce collision, distorting and wandering; human nature in the purgatory of growth is struggling to break out, exuding a strong power, and pushing the wheel of the times rolling forward. As to how to march forward despite difficulties in the great times, "Memories of the Youth", through the depth presentation of the 1970s, shows the feelings and cultural symbols, hoping to give everyone inspiration on the question.

Review the Chinese film history; reproduce the immortal feelings of different times
China's film industry from silence to sound, from black and white to color, from analog to digital, from tradition to modern, has gone through a century. The "root" and "soul" in the history of century development is heritage and innovation of film history and culture.

Recalling the history of China's film since the 1970s, starting from the "800 million people watch eight opera", to the whole movie hot, to many types of new forces everywhere and then to strive for the goal of developing from film power to the film superpower. During the process of continuing to explore the film art, we see the incumbent of the responsibility by film people and eternal feelings.

Silence of the 1970s, 800 million people watch eight opera

During the Cultural Revolution period in 1970s, the subject of film is as narrow as that of newspapers with a single way of expression. This is the trough era of China's film industry, and the "800 million people watch eight opera" indicates the lack of film works. The eight operas refers to the "Taking Tiger Montain By Strategy", "Raid the White-Tiger Regiment", "The Red Lantern", "Shajiabang", "On the Docks", "The Red Department of Women", "The White-haired Girl" and "Shajiabang". It is worth mentioning that, although there are few works during the time, today, these operas are still repeatedly shown on the screen. What has been handed down from the fine film is the endless artistic feelings.

Milestone in the 80's, the whole movie hot
1980s is defined as the most glorious era of Chinese film so far, with idealistic glory, realism, the spirit of art exploration and varieties of styles mixed in the 80's film.

The film hot in 1980s is the spirit baptism for national people, watching movies, commenting on movies and even making movies, have become the fashion sought after by general public.

The "Lushan Love", recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, was defined as the most successful love film and idol film, so far still on show in Lushan Cinema. It is the film with the world's most screenings, the longest monolithic show, and damaged the most number of copies.

"Red Sorghum" was on show out of the country, won a great success, won the Golden Bear Award in Berlin Film Festival. “Red Sorghum" is a legend with mythical meanings; in a mysterious color it praised the human nature and vigorous vitality.

With the start of the opening-up policy, the film quickly senses the foreign atmosphere. In the 80's foreign exchange, the film is opening the window after long period of door closing.

We can see more colors and more culture types of film in "The Bund", "The God of Gambling", "A Better Tomorrow", "The Canton Godfather" from Hong Kong; "Wall Street" and "Fame" from the United States.

Zhang Hongsen, Director of State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, said: "We will always regard the spirit of the 80's film as our capital, and this spirit is our great wealth." 1980s is undoubtedly a milestone in the history of Chinese film.
1980s is open and inclusive, with blossom everywhere
In the 1990s, the Chinese film has implemented such measures as film and television confluence reform, film boutique project, rural film projection project, film shareholding system and group reform, and the artistic quality and form have new breakthrough and improvement. In addition to "Kong Fansen", "The Days Without Leifeng", "Xilian", "Postmen in the Mountains" and other works, there have been "Be There Or Be Square ", "Party A and Party B" and other new styles as New Year films, comedies, and the emergence of a large number of new forces.

At the same time, a large number of outstanding foreign films as "Titanic", "Shawshank Redemption", "Saving Private Ryan", "Brave Heart" enter into the vision of Chinese people. Chinese and Western film culture collide with dazzling spark.

Opportunities and challenges coexist in the 21st century, the film power transit to the film superpower
In the new century, the Chinese film booking office develops with high-speed. In the current film market, North America films occupy an absolute advantage, followed by the Chinese film.

“Deng Xiaoping”, “The World of Chinese” and “My Bitter Sweet Taiwan” receive not only social benefit but also economic benefit. "Hero" and "The Myth" and other domestic film commonly occupy the dominant position of the Chinese market, and create miracle for Chinese booking office in the world of film.

With the rise of the new generation of young directors, works in the Chinese film market show a diversified trend.
The powerful film market provides a very good condition for the development of Chinese film. The film people, with the spirit for excellence, the attitude of advancing with the times, tolerant and open culture mind, are striving for the film superpower.

From 70s in the last century to the present, from the low point to the peak, from single to diversified, from occlusion to open, Chinese film culture is experiencing the process of accumulation, carrying the Chinese people's historical creation and wisdom, and becoming an important part of mainstream culture.

Heritage of the classic, integration of innovation, reproduction of the era of immortal feelings are original intention for which Zhongyan Group jointly produces "Memories of the Youth", which also empathizes with film and television industry development model of Zhongyan Group. Feelings are immortal because of the resonance with the public. When we are more emotional, the art will trigger more conscience, and the world will be more emotional. Zhongyan people are trying to make the world warmer, thicker, more warm-hearted by means of the feelings.

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