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In response to national policy, adhere to the innovative model

At the end of each year, the Central Economic Work Conference always attracts the attention from the world. Through the summary of the experience and achievements in 2016 on Central Economic Work Conference, arrangements for the deployment of key work in 2017 have become important institutional arrangements for China's governance.

The overall keynote of the annual Central Economic Work Conference in 2016 is that: "steady growth" is the primary goal, while highlighting the "promoting reform". "promoting reform" as the second goal highlights the importance of structural reforms on the supply in 2017. At present, China's economic operation is facing outstanding contradictions and problems: "Although there are cyclical, total quantitative factors", "the root cause is a major structural imbalance". The structural reforms on the supply in 2016 achieved initial results, part of the industry supply and demand, as well as government and corporate philosophy behavior have changed positively". In 2017 "structural reforms on the supply should be taken as the main line of economic work, moderately expand demand, strengthen the expected guidance, and deepen the innovation drive".
The keynote of the meeting was consistent with the speech by President Xi Jinping at the 2016 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting. President Xi Jinping stressed that "promoting the transformation of the development model; strengthening macroeconomic policy coordination; resolutely promoting structural reform; accelerating development ideas, models, path innovation; promoting the industry and products to the high-end in the global value chain; expanding the development of new space". As one of the representatives of the global business leaders, Mr. Feng Xiang, President of the Group; Mr. Ding Delin, Vice President of the Group; attended the event and felt the urgency of "mode innovation and promotion of industrial upgrading".

Zhongyan Group has been working hard in the field of financial industry for many years. The rise of mobile Internet becomes the development opportunities to usher in innovation, transformation and upgrading for different industries, which of course including the financial industry. The opportunities are mainly the followings. First, the change of business philosophy is from product innovation to customer center. Second, develop their own advantages in the business model, looking for breakthrough and innovation. In this background, with the development model of "finance + Internet + industry N", adhering to the financial-based principle, the Internet as an important means and foundation, Zhongyan Group entered into different fields for development, and by means "finance" and "Internet" to lead the industrial innovation, transformation and upgrading of development. This development model is in line with requirements by the country to strongly advocate financial services in the industry, especially the substantive development. It also complies with what the community strongly appeals of: the finance industry should be as caregivers and messengers, rather than barbarians and predators. It also coincides with the Central Economic Work Conference, in line with the law of industrial development, and in line with the current trend of China's economic development.

At present, Zhongyan Group has entered the cultural industry, elderly care tourism, international trade and other industries for in-depth development. Relying on the "finance + Internet + cultural industry", Zhongyan Group has established a series of online e-commerce platform for cultural and artistic collections, covering stamp, coin, and phone card; jewelry, mahogany, red wine, etc.; relying on "finance + Internet + elderly care industry", wealth management, elderly care tourism, elderly care entertainment, elderly care market, nursing home and other complete pension service industry chains are established; and parallel imported car business has carried out, so that Chinese people enjoy the quality of life brought from the world's high-tech civilization.

Farewell to 2016, we are about to usher in 2017. 2017 is a crucial year for the Chinese economy, and will also be of great significance for the development of Zhongyan Group. The development model of "finance + Internet + industry N" will continue to be explored and deepened. Zhongyan people will be adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "pragmatic, passionate, professional, honest,", and continuously forge ahead to contribute to China's economic development.

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