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[Closing of Boao] Boao 2017 closed in success, President Feng Xiang declared it

March 26 witnessed the end of the four-day annual event, Boao 2017. During these four days, opening ceremony, plenary session, 44 forums, 17 exclusive talks and two theme banquets, altogether 65 activities took place, and all participants exchanged their views and come to consensus on the topic, “Face the Future of Globalization and Free Trade”. The world economy will grow in a healthy and stable manner and the vision of human beings will come true, by building the global economic governance system and driving economic globalization, guided by openness, inclusiveness, benefits, balance and win-win values. A group of wise people gathered to discuss in depth how to make the world a better place. This means a lot.

On his four-day Boao trip, President Feng Xiang had dialogues with elites from all walks of life and presented his views on topics related to the Group’s business. He said the trip was fruitful and perfect. We are especially pleased and proud to know that the strategy of the Group is proven correct by all communications and talks held by President Feng at Boao on global macro economy, finance, culture, science&technology and the Internet. With respect to the industry mix, the Group’s portfolio of nine industries and three ecosystems are proven scientific and future-proof. All of these solidify our faith in and raise our expectation for the Group’s future.

Today we will relive with you President Feng’s Boao trip and all important thoughts and great moments.

1 Key Word: Technology VS Finance

[Forum 2]

Technology or Finance?

FinTech is more about a technical platform serving finance than financing using technology. FinTech is changing every day. It is possible that Internet companies will take place of traditional finance firms finally. And there will be intelligent risk control and prevention and intelligent examination and approval in the future. Currently, it is difficult to bring Internet finance under supervision, but there are many opportunities. Without compliance, the industry is unlikely to keep growing soundly and robustly. This is beneficial to Zhongyan Group and the entire industry.
Finance needs technology and human beings need technology. Technology far outstrips human beings in processing and learning speed. Technology can be very useful in financial risk control. Low-value finance relies on technology, while high-value risk control relies on men.

2 Key Word: Prudent Operation

[Forum 3]

Asia Financial Crisis:
Reflection after 20 Years
When it comes to the conduct of business, we always abide by the rule of prudence and keep risks under control. In the financial industry, a pillar of the Group’s business, in particular, we always respect and give first priority to compliance and risk control. We would rather slow down to cling to the rule, showing our absolute responsibility for our clients, as well as for the Company. Thanks to that, clients trust us and it has become a voluntary sense, concept and act.
3 Key Word: Forward-looking and Trend-setting
[Forum 12] Live Show Economy

The Group’s nine business lines: finance+elderly care+tourism; trading platform+e-commerce+live show; film and TV+games and recreation+offline game experience bar. Live show is among them. We must be a good learner, avoid hidden hazards in the market, have a grip on the law of the industry and deepen our growth model.
The Live Show+E-Commerce+Business growth model proposed at the forum is a testament to the scientific, appropriate, forward-looking and trend-setting growth model of the Group.
4 Key Word: Life Career
[Forum 20]
2016: The Year One of Virtual Reality

The dialogue with Academician Zhao Qinping reinforced our devotion to elderly care as our life career. As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, the Group is committed to “carrying forward the Chinese morals and civilization, caring for and serving the elderly, providing high-quality and all-inclusive services to the elderly and helping them enjoy the rest of their life.” On the basis of finance, culture and the Internet, elderly care is another important business line and a complete elderly service industrial chain will be built, integrating wealth management, tourism, recreation, shopping mall and nursing home. The Group aims to become the largest elderly service provider in China

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