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Keep Calm and Be a Superstar jointly produced with Zhongyan Groupand

Recently, as the most expected film by film fans in January, the features disclosed by the producer of Keep Calm and Be a Superstar made a heated debate among fans. Many laughing details made release of the film much expected. The Kung Fu comedy jointly represented by Zhongyan Group, and acted by the singing star Eason Chan/Li Ronghao, Mainland China comedy talent Cui Zhijia and a new singing star Li Yitong, will be released on Jan.12 across China.

The film Keep Calm and Be a Superstar is another master work invested by Zhongyan Group Film& TV. The film was directed by a Chinese famous director Gu Dezhao, with luxurious cast composed of Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, Cui Zhijia and Li Yitong. In the film, Eason Chan was on screen in role of “Kung Fu Star”, coupled with another male actor Li Ronghao, and the film becomes more attractive. Meanwhile, to ensure comedy effects of the film, the actor Cui Zhijia, ever acting in the comedy film Pancake Man, was invited to join, giving too many laughs.

The Director, Gu Dezhao, ever directing works such as Insider Detective and All in the Family 2009, wished to shoot an action comedy, “however, comedy is difficult, and will become more difficult with action, and Keep Calm and Be a Superstar achieves it.”. As a group company with “big Zhongyan, great culture” as one of the industrial objectives, Zhongyan Group acknowledges uniqueness and great market potential of the film. Therefore, the Group supports the film Keep Calm and Be a Superstarto access audiences by joint production.

Action comedy, happy presenting
The film Keep Calm and Be a Superstar narrates a brother friendship story related to loving and hating. The action star Yuanbao (acted by Eason Chan) has been popular for more than 20 years, and was never awarded the best male leading role. Because of good friendship with “eight-faced Buddha”, the boss of the sinister gang in Thailand, he was suspected of involving cross-border drug trafficking. His fan Tiezhu (acted by Li Ronghao) entered the crew of the new film involving Yuanbao through the deputy director (acted by Cui Zhijia) familiar with the “latent rules”, endeavored to cooperate with the police to collect evidences to prove his idol’s cleanness. During the period, after experiencing “inside story in entertainment circle” and “Events of the Underworld”, both of them became good brothers from enemies.

To ensure proficiency of the film, the Director used the prime supports of Stephen Chow and invited the mainland comedy talent Cui Zhijia, ever acting in the Laughter Room, Pancake Man and other works, to join, add more comedy elements to the film and make it more local.

Meanwhile, the film added the ordinary comedy forms based on the traditional Chinese film features-the traditional acrobatic fighting, and achieved breakthroughs and innovation. Since startup, the film was concerned and followed up by the film circle. Based on the humor style, tension and anxious action, the film brings joy and happiness to the audience, the same with Zhongyan Group’s vision of bring better life to the people, and it is inevitable for the Group to invest and support the film Keep Calm and Be a Superstar.

Non-stop laughing, all the stars spared no efforts in performing
The film Keep Calm and Be a Superstar collected the luxurious cast composed of Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, Cui Zhijia and Li Yitong. They cooperated tacitly, conveyed laughing points, acted humorously, exercised Kung Fu, and all others they could, and delivered an excellent comedy work to the audience, which was much expected.

In the released features, Eason Chan and Li Ronghao illustrated the right manner of loving and hating. Both dislike each other when meeting, to protect the girl Tongtong (acted by Li Yitong), Tiezhu, acted by Li Ronghao, fights against Eason Chan, and they box the other’s ears; sometimes, they sit together to talk from their hearts, arm to shoulder, sing songs and drink wins, hand-in-hand and run, embrace and rollover, “flared love”.

In the film, the two singers played strange models for needs of the role. Eason Chan, with long hair, blowing bubbles, “nymph cosmetics”, sense of humor, and the Tang Dynasty clothes of “rainbow series” was the punch line, resulting in many comedy effects.

For comedy effects, Li Ronghao used bucktooth even looking ugly. In the features, with a mouth of bucktooth, Li Ronghao said, I wished to be like Huang Xiaoming, and all the staff at site laughed. Li Yitong, cooperating with Li Ronghao and Eason Chan, assessed both: “Brother Ronghao and Eason have a sense of humor. Eason is a kind of comedy and Brother Hao has his cold humor”.  

Except for the coupleof two actors, the film Keep Calm and Be A Superstar also invited the new generation of comedy actor from Mainland China, the symbol figure and the stage Blackhorse, Cui Zhijia to join. From the classics “you are criming” in the Laughter Room, the invisible “super puppy” in the film Pancake Man to various comedy figures in the Joyful Comedians, since Cui Zhijia’s debut, with excellent comedy talent, Cui Zhijia drew attentions from audiences and important persons in the circle.

In the original Hong Kong-style action comedy, depending on the solid and full acting skills and unique “Cui-style comedy performance style”, Cui Zhijia acted the image of being superficially serious and “immoral deputy director” who was “cheap and cute” as he was, and the audience laughed at the insane idea. Cui Zhijia ever expressed the dream of being director, and experienced more in the film. The Director Gu Dezhao affirmed Cui Zhijia’s performance: because of Cui Zhijia’s joining, the comedy effects of the film become more local.

Li Yitong, the only female leading role of the new generation, exercised more for the action film. Although Li Yitong played comedy film Keep Clam and Be a Superstarfor the first time, the director Gu Dezhao highly praised: “maybe Yitong knows Cantonese, her comedy rhythm matches us well, so she is my luck, the luck of Keep Clam and Be a Superstar”.

Culture industry, Zhongyan cheers with actions
“Culture self-confidence without altitude and prosperity and thriving without culture cannot achieve great revitalization of the Chinese nation”. The report delivered at the 19th National Congress of the CPC called for“upholding culture self-confidence, and driving prosperity and thriving of socialism.

In recent years, the State Government raises the culture industry to a level of state strategy, and revitalizing the country with culture has become common sense of all society. As a key part of the culture industry, the film and TV culture plays an irreplaceable function in inheriting traditional Chinese culture and promoting innovative culture development.

As a group company actively responding to the national development strategy, Zhongyan Group proposes the industrial objectives of “big Zhongyan, great culture”. The Group hopes to transmit the Chinese culture through investing excellent film and TV works while developing its own industries, lead social values and contribute to the Chinese culture influence.

The film and TV culture of China is under rapid growing period, and the mass’s requirements and demands on film and TV works become more and more. One excellent film and TV work brings active entertain experience to the audience, actively supports innovative film and TV, and drives domestic film to the international arena. Zhongyan Group sticks to high-quality film and TV works investment, not only the Group’s high view and diverse development strategy, but also practice of the Group’s core ideology “Zhong for boldness, Yan for indefiniteness”.

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