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By investing and shooting the national theme film

On October 31, 2017, the news press of the China-Kazakhstan culture communication film The Love of Ili, jointly produced by Zhongyan Group, China Agriculture Film& TV Center, the Publicity Department of Kazakh Prefecture of Ili of Xinjiang and Kazakh National Broadcasting and TV Company, was held in Astana. The film The Love of Ili was shot for implementing the“Belt and Road Initiative” proposed by the President Xi Jinping and the “Sunshine Avenue” by the President Nazarbayev. The film aimed to drive culture communication between China and Kazakh, reinforce mutual civilization appraisal and popular feelings, inherit the spirit of the Silk Road, enhance international influences of China and Kazakh, and served as a diverse film with art, culture and commercial elements promoting friendship between China and Kazakh.

The press conference participants included: Mr. Yale Ghana Khan, the Director of Regional Management Committee of Kazakhstan National Broadcasting and TV Company; leaders and creators of presenters from China: Mr. Feng Xiang, the President of Zhongyan Group, the Producer and the General Producer, Mr. Song Kai, the Director of Zhongyan Group and the Producer, Mr. Hu Ping, the General Manager of Beijing Zhongshi Huida Culture Development Co., Ltd of Zhongyan Group, the film producer and director, Ms. Li Qingmei, the Secretary of Song and Dance Troupe of Kazakh Prefecture of Ili of Xinjiang, Mr. Zhang Bo, the scriptwriter and director of China Agriculture Film and TV Center (CCTV-7 agriculture program) and Mr. Sheng Lin, director and executive producer and fellows.

According to sources, the creators will choose young and veteran actors in China and Kazakh as the leading roles, and the film will be shot in the picturesque Ili of Xinjiang and Astana and Alma-Ata of Kazakhstan in May of the next year. The film will be released in China and Kazakh in the Valentine’s Day in 2019, and promoted and released in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

By investing and producing the national theme film The Love of Ili, Zhongyan Group boosts the Belt and Road Initiative

Highly valued and greatly supported by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Administration for Radio, Film and TV, the film The Love of Ili will be jointly produced by China Agriculture TV and Film Center (CCTV-7), Zhongyan Group, the Publicity Department of Kazakh Prefecture of Ili of Xinjiang and Kazakhstan National Broadcasting and TV Company. The film narrates the love and friendship between two young Kazakh musicians Adail and Parasat and the countryside doctor the beautiful Kazakh girl Dinah, and the deep teacher and student emotion with their respected teachers. The film applies dense Kazakh music and dance elements to reflect the Kazakh’s pure love views, it is a rare light comedy with theme of love.

Kazakhstan is the bridgehead for linking “Belt and Road” in Central Asia, and is the transfer station in Eurasia Continent. The “Belt and Road” initiative appearing on the international political stage for the first time was joint building of the “economic belt of the Silk Road” when the President Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan in 2013. The year 2017 is the 25th anniversary for establishing diplomatic relations. The President Xi Jinping visited the Republic of Kazakhstan for the third time in June this year, demonstrating significant relations between China and Kazakhstan.  

Under such a background, shooting of the China-Kazakh culture communication programThe Love of Iliis of deep significance. The Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, China Central Television and the Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region attached great importance to shooting of the filmThe Love of Ili.  The Kazakhstan National Broadcasting Company, China CCTV Agriculture Film and TV Center and other top production teams as cooperation parties will advanceshooting of the film with Zhongyan Group.

At the beginning of applying for at China National Film Bureau in March, the Project “The Love of Ili” drew attention from governments of both countries in respect of inheritance of spirit of the Silk Road, mutual civilization appraisal and communicating with the ordinary persons, and significance for culture communication and in-depth cooperation between China and Kazakh.

Comrade Zhang Hongsen, the Vice Director of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Director of the Film Bureau attached great importance to it. Director Zhang said that, this project would be beneficial for inheritance of spirits of the Silk Road, mutual civilization appraisal, communicating between ordinary persons, and culture communication and in-depth cooperation between China and Kazakh.

The ambassador Zhang Hanhui serving the Embassy of China in Kazakhstan and leaders serving the Embassy of Kazakhstan in China gave supports and confirmed shooting organizations of China and Kazakhstan.

Sing the theme of powerful nation with culture in name of Zhongyan staff

The “theme” film refers to the film demonstrating revolutionary history and other key issues of mainstream awareness forms and the film approaching life, promoting mainstream values and praising humanity and life related to ordinary persons.

At present, with commercial film dominant on market, the “theme film” became fewer and fewer on film market with awkward situations. However, the theme film and TV were key carriers of the national culture, and were the representatives of soft culture strength of a country. Under the background of implementing the “Belt and Road” initiative, it is necessary to display and build national image, reinforce national soft culture strength building and international influences of Chinese culture with theme film and TV.

As the President Xi Jinping’s judgment on literary works: “one piece of good works shall put social benefits at the first place, and shall be a piece of work with both social benefits and economic benefits”. How to promote the theme of the film and increase art values and commercial values, and make the theme film so popular as commercial film on market was the significance of The Love of Ili. Shouldering the responsibilities of promoting the Chinese spirit and inheriting the Chinese civilization and devoting to social public interests, it was a natural and necessary choice to invest on the theme film and promote the development of theme film on market.

The President of Zhongyan Group Mr. Feng Xiang acts as the film presenter and general producer. He holds the opinions that, one hand, the film will be shot through cooperation between China and Kazakh and released in Central Asia, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. It is of great reality significance for establishing and reinforcing culture self-confidence, driving traditional Chinese culture “going global”, and building harmonious and win-win regional culture environment; on the other hand, Zhongyan’s first investment on theme film for exploring successful marketing mode of the theme film is also of great significance for development of the them film& TV industries. It is both the love to the traditional Chinese culture and the home and country feelings of an entrepreneur.  

Zhongyan Group’s “Film and TV Industry”: adhere to the exquisite strategy, and focus on culture connotation
Film is a complex of humanity education and economic benefits. In particular, it plays crucial and irreplaceable unique functions in inheriting and promoting traditional excellent Chinese culture and promoting the era spirit of reform and innovation.

Film is also the expression of the national values, and “theme” film is a brilliant pearl. It is a collection of national ideology and national spirits and wills. Through the narration styles of maneuvering among various political groupings, hot blood, poetic passion, and distance and depth, it promotes the positive mainstream values and praises the passion of humanity and life. Zhongyan Group’s participating in such a high level of national theme film shooting is both honor and responsibility.

As inheritor and transmitter of the traditional Chinese culture, in terms of film and TV layout, Zhongyan Group adheres to the correct and healthy values, and bears the leading and publicity functions of mainstream ideology with an indefinite inclusive layout out of commercialized operation, conveys and releases positive values. Zhongyan Group TV and Film adheres to the exquisite strategy and does not follow the trend blindly, and also focuses on culture connotation of film and TV, creates excellent culture works and launches exquisites transmitting the contemporary Chinese values and ideologies, demonstrating the Chinese culture spirits and reflecting the Chinese’ pursuit of aesthetics.  
Highlights of TheLove of Ili
Highlight 1: boundless love and intensified culture influence
In modern society, fast love and materialism prevail, the people do not believe true love and is lack of belief, but seek the care, and aspire for real ownership, falling in love at first sighting and the never-changed love.

For such a purpose, the film TheLove of Ili narrates a love wonder to the audience, and gives confidences and ideality to the male and female youth with relatively lower happiness index, and warmth and truth to the mass living only with substances. If the life is more vulgar, profane and false, the people needs all wishes coming true more on the screen and the dream of realization.

Highlight 2: Kazakh song and dance styles, dense meadow culture atmosphere
Kazakh is a nation good at singing and dancing. The dance of Kazakh is strong and powerful, beautiful and moving, released, bolded and unrestrained, the mind of mountain, gentleness of water, fierceness of the eagle, loyalty and endeavor of horse, and elegance and romantic charm of swan. According to statistics made by the State Administration for Radio, Film and TV of China, China produces more than 700 cinema films annually, rare music song and dance film, and even fewer national music song and dance film. The film The Love of Ili filled the gap, and it is the first love comedy reflecting life and living conditions of Kazakh nationals with the Kazakh music song and dance on film market of China. The film is composed of fair-sounding sound, graceful dance, and “Central Asia Wetland”, “place with south-China-type scenery” and “flower city in western China”, and the unique western folk customs of Kazakhstan. The film carries in-depth culture connotation and intense audio and video experience, viewing all flowers of Chang’an Street in one day.

Highlight 3: plot like one lyric Kazakh culture long poem
The long poem stands out in the culture of Kazakh. According to statistics, there are more than 200 long poems in Kazakh, master works including Hero Tulgan and Alpamis. Epics include Sarmatian and Samanidand Hero Arkalek etc. Plot of the film mirrors creation of long verse and is embedded in the full-bodied Kazakhstan music and Kazakhstan song and dance. With up and down of the lyrics, sometimes the forthcoming rainstorm, thrilling and bitterness; sometimes shining sun, joy or happiness, just like the snow stream at the beginning of the spring, the path winding along mountain ridges and winding river, it nourishes mind of the audience. ,

Zhong for boldness and Yan for indefiniteness. Zhongyan Group seizes opportunities to drive indefinite extension and development, and adheres to Chinese culture as boldness, corporate culture as boldness, promotes social theme with the patriotism, and demonstrates positive values. Zhongyan’s “Film and TV business” is rising, and marches towards steadily and strongly on the path to promoting Chinese culture.

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