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[Focusing on APEC] Zhongyan Group attended APEC again!

The APEC CEO Summit 2017 was held in Da Nang of Vietnam from November 6 to November 11. As an excellent corporate representative, Zhongyan Group was invited to attend the conference, and the President Mr. Feng Xiang and the Vice President Ding Delin of the Group went to Da Nang in Vietnam to attend the conference.

This session of APEC CEO Summit aimed at the theme of “creating new dynamism and fostering a sharing future”, and discussed the topics of “globalized future”, “creating brand-new employment opportunities and future works”, “interconnectivity for promotion”, “exploring new territory of trades”, “digital era”, “worldwide manufacturing”, “resource efficiency and sustainable growth” and other subjects. Meanwhile, main country leaders of 21 economic entities of APEC gathered at Da Nang. Representatives from top 500 enterprises, famous experts and scholars participated in the discussion. As the representative of excellent enterprises, the President Mr. Feng Xiang and Vice President Mr. Ding Delin of Zhongyan Group were invited to attend the conference and have dialogue with political and business elites worldwide. At present, Zhongyan Group has been invited to participate in the APEC CEO Summit for continuous 2 years.

Top Dialogue Seeks for the Future

APEC, namely the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, is the economic cooperation mechanism with the highest level, the widest fields and the greatest influences in the Asia-Pacific Region. The APEC CEO Summit is a key component of APEC series conference, and it is a key platform for dialogue and communication among leaders of the economic entities. The Summit discusses social and economic issues and the development trend in the future.

In the year 2017, the annual APEC Conference was held in Vietnam. This summit aimed at the theme of “creating new dynamism and fostering a sharing future”.

2017APEC CEO Summit Invitation Letter for Zhongyan Group (to slide)
The theme was finalized by APEC members in December 2016, and four priority issues proposed by Vietnam were approved, namely encouraging sustainable innovation and inclusive growth, deepening regional economic integration, reinforcing competitiveness and innovation of micro-, medium- and small-sized enterprises in the digital era, and promoting food safety and sustainable agriculture to tackle climate change.

These topics also reflected main concerns of APEC, namely fostering new driver for economic growth and reinforcing integration and interconnection in the Asia Pacific Region. At present, the global economy growth was stable but faced many medium and long-term risks; the global trade was increasing actively, but the economic interconnection rate became slow…these issues required reinforcing main economic cooperation mechanism in the APEC Region.

In the past year, the APEC members reached consensus in human resources development, sustainable tourism development, medium- and small-sized enterprise in ecofriendly innovation, sustainable development and other fields in the digital era. It reflected that the APEC members were endeavoring to enhance cooperation, deepen interconnectivity, promote trading, and open investments.

Agenda of 2017APEC CEO Summit
It is believed that, the convening of APEC made cooperation among the members more effective, kept economic dynamics and opened a new era for APEC’s higher quality development. It is believed that, the APEC member leaders could share strategic measures at the leaders’ meeting and create new dynamics for regional growth and interconnectivity.

International Stage, Combining and Blooming
In past years, the APEC CEO Summit has extremely high requirements on the participating enterprises, including enterprise scale, economic benefits, social contribution and investment scale etc. Depending on the “finance+ Internet+ industry” innovation development mode, Zhongyan Group develops across industries indefinitely, becomes a diverse and platform-based comprehensive group company, marches on an innovation path featuring the era and its own characteristics, and has been accepted by the industry.

It happens that, there was a similar case, this invitation to the APEC Summit was the third time for the Group to demonstrate on the international stage. At the APEC held in Peru in 2016, Zhongyan Group was invited to the APEC Summit for the first time; and the Group was honored to attend the Boao Forum for Asia as excellent enterprise representative.

On November 18, 2016, at the APEC CEO Summit held in Peru, the President Mr. Feng Xiang and the Vice President Mr. Ding Delin of the Group were invited to attend the Summit, and discuss hot issues on world’s economy and social development with political and business elites worldwide.

At the Summit, the President of the Group Feng Xiang had dialogue with Ian Bremmer, the Founder and CEO of Eurasia Group, a world-leading political risk research and strategy management and consultation company, triggering hot-blooded communication and brilliant dialogues in scene.

Meanwhile, during the Summit, leaders of Zhongyan Group participated in the investment environment introduction conference and greeting evening party for Peru in Lima, the capital of Lima, and were warmly received by the minister of the Ministry of Commerce of Peru and the mayor of Lima.
From March 23 to 26, 2017, the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2017 with theme of “Globalization& Free Trade: the Asian Perspective” was solemnly held at Boao in Hainan Province, 1,823 representatives from 48 countries and regions worldwide attended the annual conference, including 396 government representatives, 162 famous scholars and 1,226 enterprise representatives.

As one of the excellent enterprise representatives in China, depending on industrial influences, social influence and social public credit in culture, electronic commerce and pension industry etc. achieved by Zhongyan Group, the President Mr. Feng Xiang of the Group was invited to attend Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2017, gathered with global leaders, famous entrepreneurs and excellent scholars, had face-to-face discussion and knowing global trends and enterprise development trends, and discussed and communicated on finance, science& technology etc. In particular, Mr. Feng Xiang had dialogued with academician Zhao Qinping in respect of application of VR smart wearing technology in medical treatment, and was praised “socially responsible” by the academician.

The Vietnam APEC CEO Summit was the third time for Zhongyan Group to be on the international stage after the 2016 Peru APEC and 2017 Boao Forum for Asia-at APEC CEO Summit, gathered with global leaders and famous entrepreneurs, discussed global economy and enterprise development trend. Zhongyan Group was so honored and knew the great responsibilities deeply.

Honors, Also Responsibilities
From foundation of the Company in 2009 to 2017, enterprises and projects of the Group have been scattered around the world, with more than 20 subsidiaries and 1 public benefit pension foundation. Depending on its own strength, Zhongyan Group has been raised to a new level for development. In 2016, the Group was invited to Peru APEC; in March 2017, the Group was invited to attend Boao Forum for Asia, and today, the Group was invited again to attend Vietnam APEC 2017 as excellent enterprise representative in China. Within only 2 years, the Group was on international stage for three times and had dialogue with international stage to talk to the world. This is an honor, and even a responsibility.

In the past 10 years, looking far ahead and aiming high, with broad international vision, Zhongyan actively locates the industrial development, establishes the innovative development mode of “finance+ Internet+ industry” development mode, interacts various industries and maximizes integration of resources. At present, Zhongyan Group has shaped the great financial industry system of “finance+ tourism+ pension” based on finance, the great electronic commerce system of “electronic commerce platform+ electronic commerce+ industry live” supported by electronic commerce and the great culture industry system “film& TV+ game+ entertainment terminal” with culture as the core. In particular, in the past several years, depending on excellent industrial foundation, market competition advantages and industrial influences, the Group builds the full industrial chain ecological circle from finance to culture, and shapes the business layout of diverse industries with “great finance, great electronic commerce and great culture” as the main business, and supported by pension, international trade and life service.

On the international stage each time is an affirmation of economic strength and social influence of Zhongyan Group. Each dialogue with global political and commercial elites and discussion on global economic trend in the future will bring new development opportunities and directions for Zhongyan Group.

Zhongyan Group stands in the class of the world’s economy with spirited fighting will and energetic spirit, and demonstrates the mien of Zhongyan staff.

We are here, in the APEC Vietnam 2017 CEO Summit!

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