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[Focusing on APEC] Zhongyan led you to take a look at the scene in 360°and enjoy

On November 9, theAPEC CEO Summit 2017entered the 2nd day. For topic discussion or daily experience in APEC, each correspondent got the feel, and was devoted to the unique life in APEC Vietnam 2017.

As one of the participating enterprise representatives, the President Mr. Feng Xiang and the Vice President Mr. Ding Delin of Zhongyan Group and fellows discussed topics such as “interconnectivity for promotinggrowth”, “exploring new territory of trading”, “regional economy integration” and “digital era”, and brought achievements and traditional culture essence of Zhongyan Science& Technology to APEC site to share with elites.

Let’s enjoy the unforgettable journey to APEC Vietnam.

The scene of APEC

11.9 Agenda of APEC CEO Summit

Agenda IV: who is creating new jobs?

Views in scene: In the global economy, new technology endowed a new generation of staff (in respect of high- or low-skill workers) with strength to improve work. Therefore, the progress of the technology, in particular such technology adaptable to specific job with capability requirements, would become one of the global inclusive solutions. Big companies, small entrepreneurs and people in distant areas will be benefited from global economic growth. But where is the “new job” from new technology? How to satisfy requirements of population growth?The government should take the lead to resolve these issues.

Address delivered by the specially invited entrepreneurs

: “sharing makes life better”, and ofo sharing economic mode made the people re-pick up and rebuild social responsibilities. The sharing bicycle was a beginning. In the future, people can enjoy better life from the advanced technology, and technologies will make people healthier and happier.

Joint Photo of Vice President of the Group Mr. Ding Delin and OFO CEO Mr. Dai Wei

Agenda V: interconnectivity for promoting growth

Views in scene: the economy could not be developed well without investments on infrastructure construction, and the success in interconnectivity building by China proved this. Meanwhile, accelerating application of electronic commerce and progress of the supply chain made many distance areas involving in global trading, and acts as one key issue of interconnectivity for promoting growth.

Agenda VI: exploring new territory of trading

Views in scene: although Brexit, hot nationalism and exiting of the trade pact and re-negotiation shaded the economic globalization, the benefits from economic globalization could be seen anywhere. Meanwhile, in terms of unbalance regional economy, unemployment or revenue stagnation and other disadvantages resulted from trade freedom development, increasing social investment on maintaining the people’s living standards, and actively feeding back local residents by enterprises would be an effective solution.

Agenda VII: keynote address at Summit

Views in scene: the ASEAN should seize the opportunities of regional economic cooperation, encourage and drive cooperation in East Asia and even the world. We should combine into the multi-lateral trading system, encourage free development of regional trading and multi-lateral trading, thus building economic prosperity and strength. Enterprises of all countries including China were welcomed to the Philippines for investment to boost trade freedom.

Agenda VIII: digital era
Views in scene: artificial intelligence was not to replace human beings but to solve problems better for human being. The youth generation should reinforce knowing about artificial intelligence, master the technology application and adapt to the arrival of the digital era. In terms of network security, the countries should attach great importance to it and make preparation for the existing and future network threats.

Agenda IX: made in the world

Views in scene: with rapid development of economic globalization, interconnectivity had the world closer than ever, and made in enterprise had become made in the world. Therefore, the governments should focus on profound influences on commodities and services by economy, politics and technology.
Enjoy APEC daily life
The special drinking tea by Zhongyan Group for APEC Summit at conference place

Simoge Cottage into APEC conference place
APEC at the tip of the tongue

Living at APEC
As a world-concerned grand conference, security was strict, much stricter than APEC Peru last year. Security inspection was required when entering the hotel each time, and the security level was also high at the conference place. When back to the hotel at night, the delegate card was verified, names and room information were inquired, and then guests were released by the security staff.

Traveling at APEC

Beauty at APEC

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