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[Focusing on APEC] Sustaining the momentum of the trend

On November 10, 2017 APEC Summit entered the most important day-the 25th session of Leaders’ Meeting started. Heads and important members of governments of 21 countries and regions gathered to discuss the plan for development of the Asia-Pacific Region and lead the “new style” of the world’s economy. The President Xi Jinping of China was also invited to the attend the 25th Session of Leaders’ Meeting of APEC held in the afternoon, and gave a keynote address titled “Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition and Accelerating Development of the Asia-Pacific”.

The President Mr. Feng Xiang and the Vice President Mr. Ding Delin of the Group and fellows took the address delivered by President Xi Jinping. The President Xi Jinping deeply explained new philosophies and new plans on global economic governance by China. The address mentioned continuing “The Belt and Road Initiative” construction and overall well-being life by year 2020, etc. The Group became more confident in the vision of being the most scientific income management expert and helping more people realize the good life by Zhongyan Group. Meanwhile, the Group is also innovating in the development mode, and is contributing to well-being society for the country through industrial objectives of “great finance, great culture and great electronic commerce”.

President Xi Jinping Delivered Keynote Address

Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition and Accelerating Development of the Asia-Pacific

In the afternoon, the President Xi Jinping of China arrived in Da Nang in Vietnam and attended the 25th Session of APEC Leaders’ Meeting. This was the first time that Chinese leaders attended international multi-lateral meeting after successful closing of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The arrival of the President Xi Jinping added specialty to the harbor city and made it closer to Chinese. At 2:15P.M., the President Xi Jinping came to the AriyanaConference and Exhibition Center. Warmly applauded by the audience, the President Xi Jinping delivered the keynote address titled Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition and Accelerating Development of the Asia-Pacific. He emphasized that, the world was under rapid changes, and the world’s economy was under more profound changes. We should sustain the momentum of the trend and bear responsibilities, and jointly explore the promising future of prosperity in the Asia Pacific.  

The President Xi Jinping figured out that, the path of development never ended. The world was facing profound changes of growth dynamics, global development model, economic globalization progress and global economic governance system. The Asia Pacific was the biggest plate of global economy and was also a key engine for world’s economic growth. We should keep insight on the world’s economic trend, find out the way, know the rule and tackle the profound changes of the world’s economy.

Firstly, we should continue to build the opening economy and realize mutual trust and win-win. We should endeavor to build the regional cooperation framework with fair negotiation, extensive participation and benefiting all, build the opening Asia-Pacific economy and promote trade and investment freedom and convenience; lead economic globalization towards more opening, inclusive, benefiting all, balance and win-win; lead rebuilding the global value chain; support multi-lateral trading system, and adhere to opening regionalism; deeply implement the Beijing Roadmap for APEC’s Contribution to realization of the FTAAP  for progress of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone, and march towards the objective of building free trade zone in the Asia Pacific.

Secondly, we should seek innovative growth and explore new dynamics for development. We should increase investment on innovation, change the development models, cultivate new economic growth points, actively advance structural reform, eliminate system and mechanism barrier not advantageous to innovation and revitalize market vigor, implement the APEC Accord on Innovative Development, Economic Reform and Growth, deepen Internet and digital economic cooperation, and lead the trend of global innovative development.

Thirdly, we should continue to reinforce interconnectivity and realize interactive development. Guided by the APEC interconnectivity blueprint, we should establish an all-round, multi-layered and compound Asia-Pacific interconnectivity network, fully play the radiation and driving function on entity economy by the interconnectivity and form the layout of coordinated and interactive development. Core connotation of the Belt and Roadinitiative by China was to promote infrastructure construction and interconnectivity, reinforce economic policy coordination and development strategy interfacing, promote coordinated and interactive development and realize common prosperity. Such an initiative was originated from China and belonged to the world more; rooted from history, and faced the future more; faced Asia-Europe-Africa Continent, and opened to all partners.

Fourthly, we should continue to reinforce economic development inclusiveness and make the civilians share the development achievements. Combined with further implementation of regional economic integration, we should enlarge and open the all-benefited market, and make the chain of sharing benefits bigger; combined the philosophy of inclusiveness and sharing into the development strategy, we endeavor to build and perfect the system and mechanism pursuing efficiency and focusing on fairness, and maintain social justice and fairness; increase investment on civil fields, increase support for the disadvantageous groups, improve the laborers’ capabilities of being adaptable to industrial transformation, and make each individual have opportunities and achievements!

The President Xi Jinping emphasized that, as the second largest economic entity in the world, China knew its responsibilities. In the past 5 years, we proactively adapted to, controlled and led the new economic normal, deeply implemented the supply-side structural reform, kept economic development under stable and progress situations, and became main dynamic source of the world’s economy. We eliminated any system and mechanism barriers affecting development through maximizing and deepening reform. We fully advanced theory innovation, practice innovation, system innovation, culture innovation and other innovations, and released new dynamics for growth. We deeply implemented the people-centered development philosophy, and tried to improve inclusiveness and sharing level of development. China’s poverty overcoming made decisive progress. In the past 5 years, a population of more than 60 million overcame poverty. Such achievements did not come easy, and we were proud of it.

The President Xi Jinping figured out that, in the past month, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully convoked in Beijing. The Congress drafted the action guideline and development blueprint for China in the new era with characteristic socialism for the people’s hope of beautiful life. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Chinese started a new journey. This was a new journey for complete reform deepening and releasing development dynamics. In the next year, we would celebrate for 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. The fields of reform in China would be more extensive, with more measures and more powerful strength. This was a new journey following up with the era and innovating in development model. We should implement the new development philosophy, adhere to quality first and benefit in priority, and build a modernized economic system.

This was a new journey of being further walking into the world and developing opening economy of higher level. We should deeply advance the Belt and Road Initiative construction, implement high-level trade and investment freedom and convenience policy, and advance to build a free trade zone network for the whole world. This was a new journey of being people-centered and marching towards better life. We should guarantee and improve livelihood in development, and achieve the objective of the population below the poverty line overcoming poverty according to the existing standards by year 2020. We should build the better-off society, and should not leave any one behind for more than 1.3 billion of Chinese! This was a new journey of being building new international relations and the human community with future. Chinese dreams were communicated with dreams of the people in the rest of the world. We should walk on the path of peaceful development, and act as the anchor for peace and stability of the world and the Asia Pacific. We should adhere to the correct idea of moral and profit, actively expand global partner relations, expand interest converging points of the countries, and advance the new international relations of mutual respect, fairness and justice, cooperation and win-win. We should adhere to the philosophy of joint negotiation, joint building and sharing, actively participate in global governance system reform and building, and advance the international political and economic order towards justice and fairness.

The President Xi Jinping declared that, China would hold the first session of China International Import Expo in Shanghai in November of the next year, which will builda new platform for cooperating with the Chinese market.

The President Xi Jinping emphasized that, peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia Pacific belonged to all people living in the Asia Pacific, and the future of the Asia Pacific would be created by the people hands in hands. The partner relations of mutual trust, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win were the spiritual ties of the big family in the Asia Pacific, and were a key guarantee for the Asia-Pacific cooperation on the right track. Let’s advance cooperation down-to-earth, act in concrete and build the better tomorrow in the Asia Pacific!  

The President of the Group Mr. Feng Xiang and fellows taking the address delivered by the President Xi Jinping
A glance at the meeting place
Summit Keynote Address-the U.S. President Donald Trump
The President Trump arrived in Da Nang on the day and gave an address at APEC CEO Summit. In the address, he adhered to “America first”, and avoided America being gained more profits by unfair means in trading. America would seek trading relations based on fairness and mutual benefits.

In the address, the President Trump firstly reviewed almost 200 years’ history between U.S. and countries in the East Asia and Southeast Asia, and named U.S. “the familiar friend for the region”. When mentioning China, he said that, in the past several decades, China made impressive economic achievements. “With market economy reform in China, many areas in China achieved huge economic growth, many jobs were created, and up to 800 million overcame poverty”.

Besides, the President Trump led the topic to new measures in trading. It would establish “new partnership” with countries, centering “healthy trading relations based on fairness and equality”.

Trump complained that, the U.S. lowered trading thresholds to other countries for a long time, and was not given with equal treatment, and was not treated equally within WTO. The U.S. has not responded to such situations effectively for a long time, thus economy was impaired, “The U.S. was gained profits by unfair means”. “The U.S. would not be gained profits by others with unfair means”. Trump said that, “I will place interests of America at the top position, just like you”.

The President Trump’s address at the conference was debated much on the international society.

Outlook to post APEC 2020-Dialogue with the APEC host in the future

Views in scene: The Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak said that, as the host of APEC 2020, Malaysia was the beneficiary for globalization and free trade, and we should endeavor to drive economic globalization, and maintain free and opening multi-lateral trading system for inclusive growth. To make the civilians accept globalization, the most effective method was to make them enjoy benefits from the globalization. As for development of one economic entity, human capital and interconnection are crucial. The objective of “the Beltand Road”initiative by China was to promote infrastructure construction and interconnectivity, and all the economic entities unite for collaboration and joint development.

Resource efficiency and sustainable development-how the government, industry and business increase resource efficiency and promote sustainable growth

Views in scene: In the following 20 to 25 years, Asia was the engine of global growth, and energy consumption would be increased by 40%. In the process of economic growth, we should face the following three challenges: energy used by more people, energy afforded by the people, and environment respected when the resources available to the people. The policy was used to protect food supply and natural resources. At present, there were some people still facing poverty and starvation worldwide, and they needed policy to ensure food and water as clean as possible. Production would not destruct forest and water resources. Science and technology helped us produce better, and we would expect a green, clean and productive agriculture.
Summit Dialogue-Science and technology creates economic development opportunities

Views in scene: Digitalization, networking and intelligence had become the core of a new round of science& technology revolution and industrial revolution. Based on the above, new technologies brought new jobs, new jobs brought new staff, and new staff advanced changes and development of enterprises and even industries. Science and technology was changing interaction and business modes among the people with unique means to create brand-new service contents and new types of enterprises to advance global economy.

Zhongyan linking APEC scene

Local time 7:00A.M, 2 hours from the conference
For the President Xi Jinping and other key guests attended the summit, a long queue was formed out of the conference place, and many people were busy with working in the conference place. Many delegates expected much about the contents today.

At local time 2:00P.M., greetings heard out of the conference place  
Arrival of the President of China Xi Jinping drew attentions of all the audiences, and applause one after another welcomed arrival of President Xi.

The correspondents ready in taking actions
Arrival of many importance persons today made the correspondents busiest.

Scene link

The President Mr. Feng Xiang and the Vice President of the Group Mr. Ding Delin, and the Assistant to the President Ms. Wang Ning served at the linking correspondents and conveyed the scene information during interval of the conference.

“Most Powerful” Correspondent Delegates

Joint Photo of “Real and Fake” Correspondents

Joint Photo of President of the Group Mr. Feng Xiang and Host and Correspondent of CNBC Ms. Nancy Hungerford
Joint Photo of Vice President of the Group Mr. Ding Delin and the Host of CCTV International Ms. Tian Wei
Simoge  Cottage at APEC scene  

Let’s cheer for China

As the second largest economic entity in the world, China is playing an irreplaceable function in global economy integration and regional trade freedom and engaging in more inclusive globalization development layout with mind and undertaking of a large country.

The President of Zhongyan Group Mr. Feng Xiang, and Mr. Ding Delin came to APEC site, from warm applause to the President Xi Jinping and praise of the initiatives by China, and deeply felt pride of each Chinese with rising of China.

As for Zhongyan’s journey to APEC, in all discussions, through interactive discussion with global political and business elites, one hand, it helped the Group master the international development trend more accurately; on the other hand, multi-party interaction was beneficial for the Group to build internationalized brands and broaden international vision. In particular, under the environment of globalization, interconnectivity had become the common sense for the world, and enterprises should adapt to the trend. The industrial and commercial elites for the conference were figures in their industries. With the help of the internationalized platform, we were bound to expand business layout of the Group in the future, and add vigor to industrial development of the Group.

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