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[Focusing on APEC] Learn the “Bible Verses” by President Xi Jinping at 2017 APEC

On November 10, the President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address titled “Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Transition and Accelerating Development of the Asia-Pacific” at APEC CEO Summit.
In the address delivered by President Xi Jinping, it has an insight into the world’s economic development trend, discusses tackling philosophy and measures, initiates the people in the Asia-Pacific Region to adapt the trend, bear the mission, and explore the promising future of development and prosperity. Given with many “Bible Verses”, the President Xi Jinping has an accurate judgment on the world’s situations, approaches the people’s mind and makes the elites of CEO from APEC admiring deeply.
Zhongyan Group has been invited to participate in the APEC CEO summit for two consecutive years, and discussed innovation and development opportunities related to enterprises with the participating guests. Except for APEC, the Group is also honored to participate in Boao Forum for Asia this year. Zhongyan Group stands at the world-class stage once after another, and exhibits innovation and layout of one excellent enterprise.
One enterprise run for one year with fortune, but run for ten years with business. In the past 10 years, Zhongyan Group has developed from enduring hardships at the beginning to the group size. Depending on continuous learning and following the great strategy of national development, we draft our own small strategy, break through and innovate, and unite together to become model of the industry.
Today, let’s learn the “Bible Verses” in the address delivered by the President Xi Jinping at 2017APEC, and cheer for wisdom of China!
A collection of “Bible Verses” by President Xi Jinping at 2017APEC
1. Our region, the Asia-Pacific, has the biggest share of the global economy; and it is a major engine driving global growth. The business community is a primary contributor to growth, as it keeps exploring new ways of development.
2. Development is a journey with no end, but with one new departure point after another. An ancient Chinese philosopher once observed, "We should focus our mind on the future, not the past."
3. A new round of technological and industrial revolutions is gaining momentum. Digital economy and sharing economy have registered rapid growth. New industries as well as new forms and models of business are flourishing. As a result, new growth drivers are being created.
4. Over the last few decades, economic globalization has contributed greatly to global growth. Indeed, it has become an irreversible historical trend.

5. Economic globalization faces new adjustments in both form and substance. In pursuing economic globalization, we should make it more open and inclusive, more balanced, more equitable and beneficial to all.
6. We should uphold multilateralism, pursue shared growth through consultation and collaboration, forge closer partnerships, and build a community with a shared future for mankind. This, I believe, is what we should do in conducting global economic governance in a new era.
7. First, we should continue to foster an open economy that benefits all. Openness brings progress, while self-seclusion leaves one behind. We, the Asia-Pacific economies, know this too well from our own development experience.
8. We should support the multilateral trading regime and practice open regionalism to make developing members benefit more from international trade and investment.

9. The building of a free trade area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) is the long-cherished dream of the business community in our region.
10. To avoid the risk of the global economy entering a "new mediocre", we must sustain growth through innovation.
11. The new round of technological and industrial revolutions is unfolding before us. Digital economy and sharing economy are surging worldwide, and breakthroughs have been made in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum science. We in the Asia-Pacific cannot afford to be just onlookers.
12. Interconnected development is the best way to achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcome.
13. The Belt and Road initiative is from China, but it belongs to the world. It is rooted in history, but it is oriented towards the future. It focuses on the Asian, European and African continents, but it is open to all partners.
14. The launch and deep promotion of the Belt and Road initiative will create a broader and more dynamic platform for Asia-Pacific cooperation.

15. We should reach out to disadvantaged groups, improve business environment for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and enable the workforce to better adapt to industrial transformation, so that everyone will have his fair share of opportunities and benefits.
16. As an old Chinese saying goes, a commitment, once made, should be delivered. Boosting development in the Asia-Pacific requires real actions by all of us members. As the world's second largest economy, China knows fully well its responsibility.
17. China has become a huge platform where all factors and players of innovation converge to make a real difference
18. As China works hard to pursue innovation and higher quality of growth, …this will create a more powerful and extensive impact, present more opportunities of cooperation and enable more countries to board the express train of China's development.
19. China will not slow its steps in opening up itself. We will work together with other countries to create new drivers of common development through the launching of the Belt and Road initiative.
20. Each and every one of the over 1.3 billion Chinese people should lead decent lives. No one will be left behind!

21. We will speed up institutional reform for ecological conservation, pursue green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and implement the strictest system for environmental protection.
22. We will actively tackle climate change, and protect our common home for the sake of human survival. Once we set a target, we will not stop our efforts until it is met!
23. Our world is full of challenges and the road ahead will not be smooth. But we will not give up on our dream.
24. We Chinese believe that peace is most precious and that there should be harmony among all nations. We are committed to peaceful development and we will remain an anchor for peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
25. Partnerships based on mutual trust, inclusiveness, cooperation and mutual benefit: This is what keeps our big Asia-Pacific family together and ensures the success of Asia-Pacific cooperation.

Building the “fate community for the Asia-Pacific Region”, review of “Bible Verses” delivered by President Xi Jinping at APEC

Bali Island APEC 2013
“Boundless is the ocean where we sail with the wind.” Like a vast ocean, the Asia Pacific offers enough sailing space for us to make progress together. Each and every APEC member has a stake in the future development of the Asia Pacific.
Only by narrowing the development gap can we all rise with the tide of development in the Asia Pacific.。
Economies in the Asia Pacific should have the courage to do what has never been done before and build an open growth model featuring innovative development, interconnected growth and converging interests. Only by so doing can the Asia-Pacific economies, as one Chinese poem describes, “find the way to the next village shaded in soft willows and bright flowers despite the difficulties posed by mountains and rivers” and play a leading role in the recovery of the world economy.
We need innovation in both the thinking and approaches of development. We should abandon outdated mindsets, break away from old confines, and pursue green, circular and low-carbon development. We should continue to improve our capability in innovation so as to foster emerging industries, explore new driving force for growth and enhance core competitiveness.
The vast Pacific is free of natural barriers, and we should not erect any man-made ones.
We should let APEC lead and coordinate our actions, and uphold the approach of openness, inclusiveness and mutual benefit. We should enhance coordination on macro-economic policies and among regional free trade arrangements, deepen regional integration, and avoid the Spaghetti Bowl effect, so as to build closer partnership across the Pacific and jointly pursue long-term development of the Asia Pacific.
I want to repeat what I have said at the Boao Forum for Asia and other events this year, “Peace, like air and sunshine, is hardly noticed when people are benefiting from it. But none of us can live without it.” Without peace, development is out of the question, like water without source and a tree without roots.
Beijing APEC in 2014
We are duty-bound to create and fulfill an Asia-Pacific dream for our people. The dream is to adhere to the community aware of the big family spirits and fate in Asia-Pacific.
Before a new round of global growth, only the ones reforming march forwards, only the ones innovating become stronger and only the one reforming and innovating become winners.
Opening makes progress and closure results in behind. In the past, at present and in the future, opening is a key precondition for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific Region.
The APEC unites with water of the Pacific Ocean. We are dutiful to make the Pacific Ocean the ocean of peace, the ocean of friendship and the ocean of cooperation, and witness peace, development, prosperity and progress in the Asia-Pacific Region.
“The Beltand Road” and interconnectivity are compatible, closer and mutually supported. If we take “the Belt and Road” as two wings for rising of the Asia, the interconnectivity is the blood vessels, and main and collateral channels of the two wings.

Manila APEC in 2015
We shall reform and innovate and seek new growth dynamics for economy in the Asia-Pacific Region. At present, facing new situations and new challenges, only the reform and innovation work together to boost the economy in the Asia-Pacific Region and release powerful strength.
We adhere to development-centered, endeavor to build peaceful environment beneficial for development, and nothing can stop the development progress of the Asia-Pacific Region.
Lima APEC 2016
The cirrus of sweet potato extends around, with tuber always at the root. Likewise, no matter how much developed, China will be rooted in Asia-Pacific, build and benefit it.
Three years ago, I put forward the Belt and Road initiative. It aims to strengthen interconnectivity to facilitate free flow of factors of production and create a platform of win-win cooperation and shared benefits for all. Over 100 countries and international organizations have joined or expressed support for the initiative, forming a strong “circle of friends” brought together by the common vision, mutual trust and friendship.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, pain is relieved with improved blood circulation, interconnectivity will ensure smooth flow of blood in the Asia-Pacific economy. We need to take more collective and individual actions to implement the Blueprint for 2015-2025 adopted in Beijing and promote interconnectivity in infrastructure, institutions and personnel flows. We need to have a multi-dimensional complex connectivity network and build a well-connected Asia-Pacific community.

The “Zhongyan Dream” of Zhongyan Staff
As ancient Chinese says, “a word is a must”, which is a development wisdom of knowledge and action going hand in hand. With implementation of historical reform one after another, China is receiving more and more praise worldwide, and the “circle of friends” for China is becoming bigger.

China in the new era is approaching the “Chinese Dream” for great revitalization of the Chinese nation and enhances happiness of each Chinese. Closely following development of the country, Zhongyan Group has its own “Zhongyan Dream”-Zhong for boldness and Yan for boundless. Looking forward to the future, the Group will explore the path of discovery, innovation and development, adhere to the industrial extension and fusion and contribute to state development, social progress and national thriving and powerfulness.

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