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Electronic Sports+ Association-Zhongyan Innovation Internet Bar 2.0 Era

Throughout several months’ elaborated site selection and preparation, on November 19, 2017, Zhongyan Group launched the brand-new Internet bar development brand-the first experience store of DSH Cyber Café was grandly opened in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province. The General Manager of Haiyou Commerce and Trade of the Group Mr. Liu Qingchao and relevant leaders attended the opening ceremony on the day.

On the day of opening, the Internet bar brand created by combination of electronic sports and association was much favored by players in local areas and bordering cities, with attendance rate remaining 100%. Revenue of drinks on the date of opening was more than RMB 6,000, which hit a record in the industry.

Conventional Internet bar upgraded, building Internet bar 2.0
Relevant data shows that, market scale of electronic sports in China in 2006 reaches RMB 50.4 billion, which shows that market potential of the electronic sports industry in the future is great, and Internet bar as a key of the industrial chain is also prosperous.

It is difficult to bring the players from home to the Internet bar. In particular, popularity of mobile game makes consumers play at home, and even plays together at tea house, night entertainment venue and other leisure sites. The traditional Internet bar only with hardware and decoration cannot create valuable experience for consumers.

“We cannot limit it only within surfing and gaming. DSH Cyber Café is just like a diverse home party hall, with cool social intercourse activity, competitive electronic sports, and it runs to make the youth to light up themselves, experience happiness and seek the significance of life”.

Why DSH Cyber Café so popular is because of accurate positioning. DSH Cyber Café combines elements of electronic sports and association, is beyond surfing Internet and playing games, and becomes a traffic inflow with social intercourse entertainment, pop culture and electronic sports contest etc. Except for high-quality “surfing” service, it also provides catering, BRPG, business, TV& film, home party and activity tailoring. Meanwhile, taken positioning of the Internet bar into account, each service is elaborately planned and designed to ensure that different kinds of theme services are mutually supported. One player’s entertainment requirements during different periods are satisfied to enhance customer stickiness and build an all-round comprehensive entertainment space successfully.

Seizing the moment, opening an new era for leisure and entertainment
This is a tribe for youth’s gathering, and is a symbol of fashion and individuality. Competitive electronic sports, rich entertainment programs, diverse theme activities provide more channels for urban youth in communicating and interacting, and it provides possibility for establishing its own youth association.

DSH Cyber Café carries neat and cool hue, with decoration of science fiction sense, and makes customers feel in the future. The Internet bar is composed of professional sports competition zone, live zone, BRPG zone and drinks zone. Except for gaming, the chartered room provides film and BRPG, and serves as a comprehensive entertainment space. Precise division of the zones makes the players with their own space. From leather sofa of human engineering to height of desktop and inclination angle of computer, exquisite handling of each detail concerns the players.

DSH Cyber Café, featuring technical strength, guarantees game players’ extreme experience with core hardware level. The zone specially designed for gaming greatly enhances the players’ exciting experience, with the top hardware outfit and the shocking sound effects, and makes network game smooth and perfect effects like 3D film.

Meanwhile, DSH Cyber Café engages in building a professional and authoritative electronic sports platform. The Internet bar cooperates with domestic famous gaming companies, gets maximum benefits for players, not only planning electronic sports competitions, exploring excellent electronic sports players and competition reviewers and providing development platform for occupational players, but also helping the root players enter the occupational club.

High-end equipment support and human-centered space design provide a high-quality Internet bar space for different types of players, which satisfies individual players’ private space requirements, and the team players’ grouping space requirements.

As a group company extending across industries, at the beginning of proposing and concluding the development model of “finance+ Internet+ industry”, Zhongyan Group cultivated and invested on Internet-related industries. DSH Cyber Café is a new practice of entertainment terminal under the “great culture” industrial background.

The Group deeply knows that, no matter how the Internet develops, the “people” behind is the served object. Clear development positioning of DSH is another innovation based on in-depth research under the Internet+ background. DSH Cyber Café is just a trial, a precondition for indefinite possibility for development in the future.

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