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Review, Adapt, Motivate and Break Through, The Growth Speed of Zhongyan

Work Review and Star Employees of theYear Commendation 2017 of Zhongyan Group Concluded in Success

First Half of 2017, Work Hard, Harvest, Accompany and ForgeAhead

Second Half of 2017, Review, Adapt, Motivate and BreakThrough

We Set Off Again

The world evolves amidst the alternation of day and night, while our dreams come true with hardworking. The afternoon of 28 July, a transitional and inspiring occasion, witnessed the Work Review and Star Employees of the Year Commendation 2017 of Zhongyan Group, highlighting the theme of Review, Adapt, Motivate and Break Through, at Caoyang Cinema, Shanghai. More than 500 representatives of the staff across the country came together and were briefed by the management of the Group. Those best performers received laurels on the stage, consummating their hardworking throughout the first half of 2017 and being motivated to maintain their morale and energy in the second half. A new start for the team heralds new hopes for the future.

At 13:30, a warm-up video kicked start the conference with retrospection of the Group’s milestones and events. In the context of the Internet boom in China, the Group has blazed an unconventional trail and built an innovative model of Finance+Internet+Industry that is unique to the contemporary times and itself. A diversified portfolio covering finance, e-commerce, culture, elderly care, international trade and life services, in an ecosystem ranging from finance to culture, has taken shape. In 2017, the Group achieved a record high of main operating revenue, seeing H1’s performance dwarfing that of the entire 2016 and income per capita being doubled. That is Zhongyan Speed. Core businesses plus boundless extension. The staff will usher in the golden era of Zhongyan with respect and confidence!

The conference was chaired by Mr. Ding Delin, Vice President of the Group, and divided into four parts: briefing by the management; address by Chairman and President Feng Xiang; commemoration of star employees - great honor, pleasure, motivation and affection; watch The Founding of An Army - to build the great enterprise of Zhongyan.

Zhongyan Group has devised its unique industrial development concept and realized deep fusion of Finance+Internet+Industry over the last decade. In the first half of 2017, all business lines did very well, delivering exciting results. All jobs were done satisfactorily. The stunning growth speed of Zhongyan was supported by four business units, that is, e-commerce, culture&recreation, culture and e-commerce and finance.

E-commerce - EyeingListing

Zhongcanggong: The ocean is vast enough to contain all, while the essence is hidden in the center. It is a comprehensive e-commerce platform combining online and offline jewelry and jade trade and providing lifecycle services and support. Live show+e-commerce+brick and mortar business are integrated into a whole new business model. The portfolio offered includes sapphire, jade, emerald and red agate. Its listing is expected to happen in the second half of 2019.

Your Money: It is envisaged as an interactive and win-win consumption ecosphere, providing users with new consumption experience, both online and offline, including clothes, food, accommodation, travelling and amusements. Its listing plan will be launched in 2020.

Zhongyan Mall: A comprehensive e-commerce platform of Zhongyan signature will be built, offering five business lines, namely, shopping mall, tourism mall, OK Card Club, Wealth Advisory, Culture and Recreation. It eyes listing within three years.
Culture&Recreation - Build A Chinese Culture IP Brand

The culture&recreation business line is essential to the strategic plan of the Group. Jiyu Net and Zhongshi Huida will seek to invent a growth model driven by culture and economy, produce games, movies and TV programs, and dig into the culture and creativity industry and its derivatives, to not only roll out products applauded by the audience, but also deliver better than expected economic value. Zhongyan Studio will endeavor to rank among top 10 of all peers in the film and TV industry within five years. That is our “little”goal, and we still have a long way to go.

A new business model of jewelry, jade and other collectibles is explored, like combining goods trade with agency and WeChat distribution, sharing differences in collection preferences between north and south China and creating a first-class cultural e-commerce platform in China.

Finance - Stunning Performance

The finance business line achieved what was achieved in the entire year of 2016 by the end of H12017, showing amazing growth. The Group is going to introduce more high-yield financial offerings with controllable risk to meet our clients’ needs and repay them for their trust and support.

All exciting figures are hard-earned; all fantastic charts and tables are impossible without the hardworking staff; and every touching speech conveys the warmth of a big family like Zhongyan.

Part II: Address by Chairman and President Feng Xiang - Core Businesses Plus Boundless ExtensionThe innovative growth model of Zhongyan is defined by Finance+Internet+Industry; Zhongyan has chosen a diversification strategy that encompasses Finance, Culture and E-Commerce.

China boasts a rich culture that can date back to five thousand years ago. Undoubtedly, we will enjoy unlimited growth potential in the cultural industry, whenever we make our first foray into it. China is also an Internet giant and gets a good lead in e-commerce over other countries. To get involved in e-commerce is a must in this era. The financial sector is rising and essential to the economy. Finance will be the foundation of other industries and one of the sources of competitive strength of the Group.Cross-sector fusion is a core capability of the Group. We must succeed in “3+1” integration and more, such as Collectibles+E-commerce+Live Show we are doing if we want to become more competitive.

Five companies to go public over the next five years, what an ambition!
We are engaged in movies, e-commerce, mobile games, elderly care and tourism and our ultimate aim is to become the largest income manager in China. Many companies in China have their positioning as savings manager, consumption manager or investment manager, providing professional services to clients in these aspects. Everything we do today will accumulate into big data in five to ten years. With big data, we may help clients allocate their income among savings, consumption and investment in a proper and scientific manner, and satisfy all of their needs.

Zhongyan is client-centric, staff-centric and big data-centric. Every business, talent and platform, as long as related to our activities, are welcomed to join us.

Part III: Commemoration of Star Employees - Great Honor, Pleasure, Motivation and Affection

We are so proud that we achieved what was achieved in the entire year of 2016 by the end of H12017 and our income per capita was doubled. Seeing this performance, who can stay untouched?Thus, another important topic on the agenda of this mid-year conference is Commemoration of Star Employees in Q2.
A video paying a tribute to great honors and filled with warmth and fun introduced the award-winning heroes to the audience and celebrated the great moment of them.

They are undefeated God of War Athenas. They are Hua Mulans. Their names are pinned on the honor roll because of their skills, dedication and excellent performance. Yet they became so affectionate and emotional when they looked back to the past and thanked the Company and their families. They have their special feelings and thoughts about their career and life and they lead a life in their own way. When you assumed that was all they had got, they surprised you with their interesting and humorous words and acts. They scratched their ears and cheeks in embarrassment when they didn’t know what to say, giggled in the face of the camera, vowed to regain their authority in their families and even placed a personal ad in the video. Thanks to that, we came to know a group of respectable and lovable workmates!Some top leaders of the Group highly praised top sales, manager team, director team, branch/subsidiary and grand champion. OK card quarterly top sales, Best Breakthrough and Innovation, Best Dedication Technology Center and Best New Comer awards were also conferred.

Top Sales and Grand Champion, Wang Ling, No.1 Branch

Top Director Team, Xie Jianhua, No.1 Branch

Top Manager Team, Liu Wen, No.1 Branch

OK Card Top Sales, Zhou Yiling, No.1 Branch

Top Sales, Zhao Junjie, No.2 Branch

Best Breakthrough and Innovation, Wang Zhaoxin, Yunnan Huawan Jewelry Co., Ltd

Best Dedication, Guo Xiaopei, Technology Center; Best New Comer, Jiang Zhe, Technology Center
Part IV: Watch The Founding of An Army - to build the great enterprise of Zhongya

The Founding of An Army was screened in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the PLA. In the movie, revolutionists learned a bloody lesson from sacrifices and realized the importance of founding an army, came through failed city riots, explored a correct route of using the rural areas to encircle the cities, founded an army step by step and sacrificed their lives for the new PRC.

The movie is inspiring. The Group neither has a beaten track to follow, nor has an existing benchmark. There is no way but to start from scratch and find the growth model best suited to ourselves, that is, Finance+Internet+Industry, and to carry it on. There is actually something in common between our conditions and the story in the movie. On one hand, we need to build a powerful team, which must have strong commitment and faith, stable mechanism and ironclad discipline like the PLA; on the other hand, the staff needs to be innovative and enterprising, and faced with difficulties in particular, must uphold their ideals unflinchingly and fearlessly, as Marshal Zhu De said, “a narrow escape from all difficulties and hazards”. Only with consistent efforts, can we achieve sustainable growth.
Amidst strong winds and surging tides, we set sail; with a challenging mission and a long way ahead, we make double efforts.” The mid-year is a transitional moment, time to energize ourselves. Following the mid-year review, we will work together and meet all challenges with renewed passion, will and vigor and achieve another success!

Come on! Fighting! Go ahead towards our goal! 2017 H2
The future is ours.

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