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The Spring of North Red Agate Live Show Platform Goes Live

The vast north China is blessed with endless fertile land,

Productive black soil covered by white snow.

North red agate shines as the sunset glow tinged with creamy yellow,

Rich with natural colors for unrivalled beauty.

North red agate is a must-have for the collection circle in recent years. North red agate produced in Xunke has made its debut on many international exhibitions and on CCTV and other mainstream media as a rising star in the gem and jade sector and a number of art pieces made of north red agate produced in Xunke have been collected by National Museum eternally. Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. This is a rule of thumb for collectors. That’s why leading collectors in China are so interested in north red agate of gorgeous beauty. It is widely accepted by the market that “North Red, China Red”, “Xunke, One of the Most Famous Agate Origins in China and the World”.

Then how is the prospect of the rising star in the gem and jade sector like? How can amateurs seize this opportunity?

North Red Agate: the rising star is among the rank of nobility officially

North red agate has always been much sought after by collectors and acclaimed as “the black horse of gem” because of its rich and gentle color and hard texture. All statistics indicate north red agate is gaining popularity and a full-blown market has come into being.

1、Non-renewable resource.  The proven reserve of north red agate is not scarce, but the conditions for its formation are not replicable. High-quality north red agate is very rare. Because of its non-replicability, north red agate is destined to enjoy sustainable popularity. Its value will increase consistently and fine north red agate is harder to get.

2、Supportive policies. North red agate could not have gained such great awareness without the support of policies. Encouraged by the central government, Heilongjiang Province hosts The North Red Agate Art Festival every year and north red agate is expanding its brand awareness as a result. Meanwhile, north red agate is being developed in a well-organized manner thanks to strict and consistent governance. Its quality is therefore assured and blind competition that may cause bad money to drive out good is stamped out.

3、Uniqueness.  North red agate is highly touted because of its uniqueness. It is the most precious gem only next to diamond in the world. It has an innate bond with collectible art works, excellent hardness ideal for carving. Hence, it outperforms diamond in terms of artistic expression. Coupled with magnificent color, every piece of north red agate is endowed with a unique soul element by nature. High-quality north red agate even has the unique chatoyancy effect.

4、Industrial standards.  Diamond is widely recognized worldwide due to an important reason, that is, the availability of rigorous, well-defined and transparent industrial standards. It is said that the plan for revising national standards for north red agate has been approved and examination and approval are expected to be completed by 2018.

5、Art. Fine art pieces made of north red agate have received many awards at home and abroad in recent years and driven up the value of north red agate consistently. One of the important ways to materialize the value of gem and jade is art creation. In Suzhou, the cradle of jade carving in China, more and more jade carving masters have started to create art works with north red agate. Their brand influence must not be underestimated.

Ten years ago, south red agate was a complete unknown, but now high-quality south red agate may be worth more than 30,000 yuan per gram. That is a more than 1000 times growth. North red agate is much superior to south red agate in gem quality and external development environment. Hence, more and more jade carving artists, fans and investors have been buying crude north red agate in recent years.

However, not all people can seize the chance when prices of north red agate are low. A professional eye and effective command of market dynamics are required to know the ins and outs.

The Spring of North Red Agate: A Professional North Red Agate Appreciation Platform

As a saying goes, the insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride. This is a golden rule that holds true everywhere. As the sole partner of Xunke government, Zhongyan Group runs a north red agate website (http://hhcaac.com/) and undertakes the mission to inherit the Chinese jade culture and reinvigorate the north red agate industry. The Group follows a specialization route in a bid to create a properly managed, transparent and well-recognized agate trading system, wherein all gem and jade fans may appreciate the beauty of north red agate and the boundless charm of agate.

With its rich experience in live show operation, the Group has launched a live show program, The Spring of North Red Agate, on YY, to spread the north red agate culture and share agate knowledge.

The Spring of North Red Agate Live Show

Live Show Platform: YY (Room No.: 50073)

Time: Monday to Friday, 19:00-20:30

The live show is hosted by Xu Lichun, founder of the academic jade carving school of Heilongjiang Province, jade carving artist, and ice and snow artist.

Mr. Xu boasts 20 years’ experience in jade design and carving. His jade carving works echo the characteristics of the contemporary times and every piece has unique innovations and highlights. Over the last twenty years, dozens of works created by him won jade carving awards at home and abroad. He believes that “the essence of jade carving lies in inheritance of the traditional culture, and innovation is the best form of inheritance”.

On The Spring of North Red Agate live show platform, Mr. Xu introduces the quality of crude north red agate, design concept of art pieces, appreciation of fine craftsmanship, original inspiration and deep-rooted cultural meaning to the fans in easy-to-understand, deepgoing, touching and illuminating language.

The north red agate website has also invited four masters in the gem and jade sector to be members of the expert panel:

Xu Lichun: founder of the academic jade carving school of Heilongjiang Province, jade carving artist, and ice and snow artist;

Yang Kequan: jade carving master;

Li Hongbin: inheritor of Fuxin agate carving, a national intangible cultural heritage;

Kang Qinghe: Deputy Director, Researcher, Technology Center of Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

They will work with some one hundred jade carving artists based in Suzhou to create fine north red agate art pieces of high quality and artistic value, spread north red agate knowledge and boost the brand awareness of north red agate globally.

The Spring of North Red Agate marks a solid step in industrial exploration and innovation taken by the Group, in line with the Group’s development model of Finance+Internet+Industries. It will not only lay a solid foundation for future extension, but also give a significant impetus to global brand building of north red agate.

Appreciating north red agate is not only about appreciating the gem itself, but also about appreciating the inner cultural and spiritual heritage. From meeting to knowing north red agate, from pursuing to appreciating north red agate, and then to perceiving human nature, from spreading north red agate knowledge to having an insight into human nature, the Group will be always by your side, starting with The Spring of North Red Agate.

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