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Zhongyan Group eyes new retail, Zhongyan Mall - Leading a high-quality lifestyle

Zhongyan Group eyes new retail, Zhongyan Mall - Leading a high-quality lifestyle with one-stop services

With a wave of consumption upgrade, consumers have been paying growing attention to the brand and quality of merchandise in recent years, and the B2C market, featuring “Internet+Brand”, is thriving with a consistently increasing share of the online shopping market and becoming a new driver. As a pioneer in “Finance+Internet+Industries”, Zhongyan Group enjoys a born edge in B2C. In this context, Zhongyan Mall is launched to offer one-stop services. Novel channel settings, varied content and better services…everything is showing the mass customers Zhongyan’s expertise and perseverance in building an e-commerce platform.

Powered by big data, Zhongyan Mall seizes dominant trends with accurate positioning

“Science and technology changes life and big data make life better”. The people have a deeper understanding of this sentence today. One hundred years ago, the people then obtained information from newspapers and magazines; but now the people’s access to information is more varied and easier. Both traditional PC Internet and mobile intelligent Internet have penetrated deep into every aspect of life. Once connected to the Internet, we can get whatever information we need anywhere anytime. The way of living has been changed by the Internet. We travel by calling a Didi or riding a shared bicycle, shop online and pay for goods or services by scanning a QR code. Order delivery men and couriers are seen on streets everywhere. Unmanned convenience stores, battery charger sharing and KTV sharing are mushrooming…none of these changes would have been possible without big data.

The raging trend of applying big data technology to marketing scenario is irresistible. Zhongyan Mall makes the most of the Group’s resources, and reshapes its brand positioning, enhances user loyalty and explores new profiting models by means of consumer behavior analysis, competitor monitoring, brand publicity and new market and trend forecast. As an essential part of the e-commerce system of the Group, Zhongyan Mall provides customers with the most convenient services of the highest quality and an all-in-one consumption solution integrating clothes, food, accommodation and traffic, inspires future commerce and lifestyle and leads growth and quality life of our customers.

Zhongyan Mall aims to lead a high-quality lifestyle with one-stop services

A wide range of classified e-commerce platforms are present to satisfy countless needs of users with their easy-to-use shopping options and highly efficient logistics. There are some widely accepted successful examples, such as Alibaba, JD and Xiaomi in China, as well as Amazon and Ebay abroad. How can Zhongyan Mall stand out among so many competitors? The answer is to integrate the Group’s advantaged resources and lead a high-quality lifestyle with one-stop services.

Many e-commerce platforms are available, but interconnectivity among them is absent. The need of consumers for one-stop services remains a gap to be filled. Zhongyan Group has solved this problem by right of scientific model analysis and synergy among multiple sectors the Group is engaged in, and launched Zhongyan Mall to offer consumers one-stop services covering shopping, wealth management, travelling and entertainment. Supported and well prepared by the Group, with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Zhongyan Mall went live this August and is running four sections currently, shopping, travelling, wealth management and entertainment,

Shopping. Zhongyan Mall offers a great variety of high-quality merchandise at affordable prices to meet daily needs of consumers. Members may redeem their loyalty points for merchandise and users thus enjoy material benefits.

Travelling. More than 500 popular domestic and international travelling routes of the best price performance developed by Zhongyan Mall with the Group’s resources will be unveiled one by one. In the future the mall will roll out customized tours, company tours and expedition and exhibition tours, among other high-quality and cost-effective traveling products.  

Wealth management. The mall has launched OK card, which is much sought after because it combines travelling, consumption and wealth management. Lectures on finance are also given to help consumers achieve asset appreciation.

Entertainment. The mall satisfies all-around needs of consumers with real one-stop services, encompassing reading, games, movie & TV and other functions.

In pursuit of excellence, there is no end to customer services

Zhongyan Mall is only a small step the Group has taken to develop e-commerce. With the care and support of the Group’s management, the mall will optimize and update the content and format constantly to improve customer experience, a yardstick by which to measure everything. In the future, the mall will focus on customer requirements, innovate the trading mechanism, enhance the service system and endeavor to become a distinctive and comprehensive leading e-commerce platform in China by availing itself of the Group’s capital resource and highly capable operation team. There is no end to the pursuit of excellence!


Finally, let’s present www.zy-club.com, an offering from Zhongyan you can trust in.

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