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Announcement on Launch of Zhongyan Group Official Website after Revision

Dear friends,


To provide better service and enable you to access to the information of The Group in a more convenient way, our website has been launched officially through optimization and revision under elaborate planning and design. It will be a platform for our communication and cooperation. The following relevant matters are hereby notified:

I. Website domain

Official website domain: www.zhongyanchina.com

II. Website settings

According to the development, scope of business and customer demands of the Group, the website is set with eight columns, i.e. About Us, News, Group Industry, Branch Company, Group Culture, Talent Center, Cooperation, and Zhongyan Funds for Elderly Care and Rehabilitation. About Us includes Chairman’s Message, Corporate Profile, Group Structure, Development Strategy, Strategic Layout and Events, presenting the development situation of The Group in all respects; News presents social development news and dynamic information of The Group in a timely manner; Group Industry and Branch Company presents industry development strategies and strength of The Group; Group Culture and Talent Center present scientific, cultural and staff performance of the Group; Cooperation provides the contact information so that partners who want to join the Group communicate with us for further cooperation.

The website needs to be enriched and improved constantly. We hope to your visit and welcome your suggestions.

                                                                                                                       Zhongyan Group

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