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The 13th Five-Year Plan period is a decisive stage to build China’s well-off society in all respects, and an important strategic window period of reforming and developing undertakings for the elderly and establishing the elderly care system in China. The 13th Five-Year National Plan for Developing Undertakings for the Elderly and Establishing the Elderly Care System has proposed vigorously developing enterprises with service for the elderly, encouraging chain management and collectivization development, implementing brand strategies, cultivating a number of leading enterprises with unique features, normative management and standard services, and accelerating the formation of elderly care industry clusters with long industry chains, wide fields and distinctive economic and social benefits; supporting the integrated development of elderly care industry with other industries such as health, wellness, tourism, culture, fitness and leisure, and enriching modes and formats of elderly care industry; encouraging finance, real estate and internet enterprises to enter the elderly care industry; promoting the service quality and efficiency of healthy care for the elderly by information technology.

Zhongyan Group regards elderly care as a crucial mission and runs an elderly care and rehabilitation fund, devotes itself to charitable activities and studies and explores the development model of the elderly care industry.


Devote to become the largest elderly service organization in China.


Take care of own aged parents first and then extend the same care to the aged people in general. Respect, care for and serve the elderly, provide the elderly with quality and all-around services, and make them enjoy a happy life.

Development model

Form an elderly care industrial chain integrating wealth management, tourism, recreation, shopping mall, nursing home and science and technology, and build a new multidimensional elderly service system integrating elderly care, medical treatment, tourism and culture.

Industry chain

Presently it has formed an elderly care industry chain structure integrating wealth management, tourism, science and technology and charity initially.

Tourism care of the elderly

The Group launches the model of “Tourism Care of the Elderly” to stand in the elderly’ shoes”, which involves such services as daily care in the elderly community, medical care, off-site convalescence and migratory birds living.

Elderly care technology

The Group has cooperated with Silicon Valley to develop hi-tech equipment that helps the elderly sleep and with Shanghai University to develop VR equipment suitable for the elderly.

Elderly care charity

The Group regularly holds charitable activities for the elderly including holiday care, birthday saloon, cultural tourism, charity care, tea ceremony and floriculture, health care, golden and silver wedding celebration, and chess game, to enrich the life of the elderly and make them feel the warmth in the big family.

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