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Culture is the lifeblood of a nation, and gives people a sense of belonging, which supports and marks the prosperity of a country. Adhering to the principle of “doing two jobs at once and attaching equal importance to each”, promoting the coordinated development of material and spiritual civilization, and developing an advanced socialist culture, are the strategic guideline of the CPC and the Country.

The 13th Five-Year Plan Period has clearly put forward the following missions, i.e. establishing a system of Chinese excellent traditional culture inheritance, and seeking traditional culture creative transformation and innovative growth; accelerating the development of emerging cultural industries such as network audio and video, mobile multimedia, digital publication, animation and games, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as publication and distribution, production of film and television works, and arts and crafts; fostering new cultural formats, and boosting the development of creative culture with great efforts; promoting the integrated development of culture with such industries as technology, information, tourism, sports and finance.

Cultural resources are the core element of the development of cultural industry. China enjoys rich historical and realistic cultural resources, and possesses multi-layer, multi-structure and multi-theme material and cultural resources and non-material cultural resources as an ancient civilization and a rising modern cultural and technological power. Zhongyan Group, taking Chinese culture as its soul, has listed cultural industry as one of its strategic development industries.

Industry chain

It involves cultural art investment, film and television IP and IP development, game development and operation, and high-end offline experience platform. To form a company’s own complete entertainment culture industry chain, it is required to take IP as its core and open up the cultural industry chain including film and television play and game development and operation, entertainment platform construction and other links.

Development model

Cultural industry features high input, high output and high risk. Each link of cultural industry chain needs the support of talents, techniques and capitals. The transformation to an emerging cultural industry with vitality and creativity of the era, the transformation and upgrading of development mode of cultural industry, and the promotion of finance and internet-based cultural resources require to boost cultural industry by finance and internet, endow traditional cultural industry with the core of “creativity” and “innovation”, establish a company’s own intellectual property structure, and promote the e-commerce of cultural products.


Build a Chinese famous brand of investment in film and television and games and IP creation

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