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China is undergoing changes in consumption structure from living model to development model, from material to service, and from traditional to modern, in a faster and faster pace. The 13th Five-Year Plan specifically proposes to improve life services quality, drive integrated development of life-related services, and encourages customized services for personalized needs. It aims to implement assured action plan regarding life services, to advance high-quality service commitment recognition and administration, to establish well-known service brand.    

The role of "Internet +" in promoting service consumption should never be overlooked. By Internet, more and more sectors have transformed the consumer experience, developed new consumption habit for user. With the Internet, consumers can get access to abundant items, thus stimulating their potential consumer demand. And "Internet +" is also extending the consumption of goods to that of service, which may drive an overall consumption growth in turn.

Life services are essentially to connect information. Its characteristics make it most likely be a field of information, and be changed by big data and mobile internet. The core of life services is the user, with whose experience, participation, decision-making as the orientation. It shall accelerate the iterative upgrade of products. While quality, technology and operation will become the new core competitiveness of life service enterprises.


To catch the productization, individualization, and chain-orientation trend of the service industry to drive consumption structure upgrades by dint of Financial + Internet.


We should focus on the achievement of global high-tech civilization and integrate the global supply chain, to allow the Chinese people to enjoy a more convenient and affordable quality life.

Industry chain

It consists of catering, food stuff service, high-end clubs and so on.

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