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Finance is the core of economy. The modern economy is essentially a developed money credit economy or financial economy. Its operation manifests as value flow oriented material flow and monetary funds movement oriented physical resources movement. Sufficient and effective financing and application of monetary funds depends on normal and effective finance operation, so does reasonable allocation of social resources. It also plays an obvious role in the virtuous circle of national economy.

Economy is the foundation of finance. Finance is based on industry and serves for industrial development. Without industry as the base, finance itself would be valueless. Therefore, Zhongyan Group is actively exploring the deep fusion of finance and industry.

In the era of Internet economy, financial technology and technological finance are important development tendency of finance. The former with technology as the concept core, aims at improving the overall efficiency of finance with technical means, involving such products as third party payment, big data, finance cloud, block chain, credit investigation and AI. The latter however, as a type of business serving technical innovation and also a typical example of finance serving real economy, aims to support real economy with financial service innovation, and drive business startup with technological innovation, involving such products as investment and loan linkage, scientific and technological insurance, technology credit, securitization of intellectual property and equity-based crowd-funding.

Finance is the industrial base of the Group. The Group believes that financial capital will be highly coupled to industrial capital in the era of Internet economy. “Internet+” will promote the deep fusion of finance and real economy, emerging a new financial service ecosystem and promoting the development of interconnected, digital, mobile and intelligent finance.

“Integrity, steadiness, innovation and excellence” is the philosophy of the Group in its finance business.


Integrity is one of the core values in Chinese culture, which requires people to be honest and credible, no self-deception and no cheating. It is also the basic norm of the Group. Sustainable development of the Group depends on the trust of both domestic and foreign people.


Steadiness is on the top philosophy of financial business. From product design to marketing, the Group has established its own business risk management system and risk management system culture for steady growth of its business scale.


Internet thinking is applied by the Group to transform its traditional financial business and rebuild its business philosophy, which pays attention to the integration and sharing of financial information, responses to customers’ demand with a more open mind and supports business operation and risk control by big data technology.


High standards have been set for the quality of financial business. The Group always strives for excellence in both products and services among peers, which gets good reputation and makes strong industrial influence.

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