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The 13th Five-Year Plan clearly proposed to implement the "Internet+" action plan, promote the deep and wide application of the Internet, drive changes of production and organization mode, and form the new form of industry development new of networking, intelligence, service and collaboration.

With a new economic form and a new industrial development mode, "Internet+" deeply integrates innovation achievements of Internet into various fields of economy and society, and gives full play to the optimization and integration effect of Internet in the allocation of production factors. "Internet+" is integrated with the innovative development driving method, new innovation power and productivity of real economy, mode innovation of modern business, production process reengineering and value chain restructuring.

The essence of the Internet is connection. The ultimate goal of connection is not to make technological achievements, but to touch the people behind the Internet devices. Internet horizontally and vertically influences the world, and redefines the rules. "People-oriented" and "people-centered" will be the trend of innovation and development of the internet.

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