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The Development Plan of Foreign Trade during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period clearly proposed that we would guide the opening up by promoting the construction of B&R, vigorously implement the quality imports and quality exports strategy, accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development mode, adjust the structure and power, consolidate and enhance the traditional competitive advantages of foreign trade, cultivate new competitive advantages of foreign trade with the core of technology, standard, brand, quality and service; promote foreign trade to change to high quality, good price and quality imports and quality exports; and consolidate the status of a big trading nation, promote the process of making the national powerful with trade, continue to take effective measures to guide backflow of foreign consumption, effectively promote the pilot program of parallel import of automobiles and promote the diversified development of automobile imports.

Driven by the development of Internet, the international division of labor continues to deepen. The content, mode and rules of global trade change accordingly. Transactions can be made through the Internet, transaction links are reduced, transaction efficiency is improved, part of the production is separated from the original integration system, service can be the intermediate input factor, and trade becomes "modular" and "sliced". These changes produced marketing, distribution, wholesale, sales, customer service and payment, and brought the rapid development of cross-border ecommerce. Cross-border ecommerce promotes the networking, datamation and transparency of all links of traditional international trade. It has many advantages, such as facing the world, rapid circulation and low cost.


Superior resources from the origin, resource integration ability and product + service meet customer needs with one stop.


To focus on the global high-tech civilization achievements, and integrate the global supply chain, so that the Chinese people can enjoy high-quality life more conveniently and affordably.

Industry chain

The industry chain includes parallel imported cars, imported rosewood, imported red wine, imported luxury goods, high-tech products and so on.

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