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Accelerate Team Building and Muster Forces - Jiyu Network Team Building Activity


Purpose: Strengthen teamwork and union, enrich the staff’s life and foster closer ties.

Date: 19 May 2017  Place: Gongqing Forest Park  Participants: the Staff


The first game was team icebreaking. The activity not only improved collaboration, but also forged closer ties among the team members and boosted cohesion and sense of belonging. Two teams gave themselves a name and battled.


12:00-13:30 was lunch time. The barbeque provided not only energy needed for the afternoon’s activities but also a chance to communicate.


  At 13:30, two teams were assembled on time. The coach handed out task notes and each team leader assigned tasks the team must complete together. All tasks were designed for teamwork. Each team member must work together closely to finish the assignments. Led by their team leader, each team found men in black and took tasks at karts, balloon shooting and rock climbing. Everyone contributed to attain the target through teamwork, while enjoying the fun of the games. At 15:00, one of the teams met with difficulties in the last two tasks. Only one hour was left before the time of gathering informed by the coach. All team members refused to give up, but analyzed the information and divided tasks. At the last moment, the last two tasks were completed and the clearance code “Jiyu Network”was cracked.

Rip the nameplate

Two teams were excited and energized by the previous games and couldn’t wait to start ripping the nameplate. Before the fight began, two teams started scheming and plotting about tactics, such as “Tian Ji Horse Race”, “Make a feint to the east but attack in the west”, “Encircle State Wei to save State Zhao” and so on. Bursts of laughter were heard. The result was not something the people cared about the most. In this game, every one was the winner.

We were frustrated, exhausted, painful sometimes, but we were passionate and united, and moved: everyone contributes to the team with his or her talent. The purpose of competing is not to beat the other team, but to prove we are energetic, intelligent and brave young men. Being united, we will be undefeatable.

Time flies. The day came to the end so quickly, but left a good memory of friendship on everyone, which will motivate us to go ahead with firm steps. We will be powerful by being united together. Let us work together for a better future of Jiyu Network.

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