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Elderly Care Science & Technology: the Light of Wisdom for Elderly Care industry

China has entered the aging society, and how to make the aged live a light-hearted life is the issue of the society which must be solved. Under such background, the elderly care science & technology was born, and penetrated into each and every aspect of the senior living, such as diet and daily life, medical treatment, alarm and rescue, leisure and entertainment. The enjoying senior living is approaching.

Smart terminal as mainstream for changing senior living with science & technology

  At present, in terms of technological means for application of elderly care science & technology on smart terminals, based on IOT, GIS, GPRS and Internet, sensors are implanted in the smart terminal to monitor daily life of the aged and alert remotely, which is transmitted to the upper computer software, namely the children’s computer or mobile phone APP.

The smart terminal refers to smart devices embedded with modern advanced technology, which provide the aged with all-around, all-level and diversified elderly care services timely and efficiently in forms of wearing, mobilizing, portability, fixing, non-contact and non-conscious contact etc.

Wearing smart terminal. The wearing device feature portability, high sensitivity and superior interaction. It is classified into head, upper limb, hand and foot categories. The head category includes smart glasses and smart head band; the upper limb category includes smart shoulder girdle, smart arm ring and smart breastpin; the hand category includes smart hand ring, smart watch and smart rings; and the foot category includes smart shoes and smart foot ring. The wearing smart terminal provides positioning, navigation, emergency call and other elderly care services.

Mobile smart terminal. It is installed on mobile tools to provide elderly care services such as smart positioning, emergency call, navigation and lighting for the aged. Except for assisting in walking, the hand shank of the walking stick is installed with one torch and receiver for lighting and broadcasting service.

Portable smart terminal. The portable terminal is classified for home and doctor. The portable home device is used for monitoring, and the portal doctor device is used for diagnosing, such as portable electrocardiograph and blood pressure meter, and performing medical measurement for physical conditions of the aged.

Fixed smart terminal. It is installed where disassembling or moving is difficult for the required monitoring management, recovery and life care, such as smart sofa, enjoying massage and monitoring physical conditions for the aged while watching TV, and seat height and backrest angle are adjusted according to data acquired.

Non-contact smart terminal. The acoustic and photoelectric sensing technology is used to provide the aged with the non-contact elderly care services, such as smart TV. The aged operate the TV interface with voice and simple gestures, and talk to their children on TV through Internet connection, and the smart audio and video system adjusts volume and mode based on atmosphere. Meanwhile, the smart TV selects programs via voice, and adjusts brightness of the screen according to surrounding light environment to match vision requirements of the aged.

Non-conscious touch smart terminal. The device analyzes and tracks activity track of the aged at home through wireless sensors distributed at bed and toilet, such as infrared ray alarm installed in the lavatory or the place where the aged arrive frequently. If the aged do not pass before the sensor in continuous 4 or 5 hours, the alert will trigger automatically. The service center call the home of the aged, if not answered, the service staff notifies the person responsible to the aged.

Wisdom function of the smart terminal

The mainstream smart terminal for elderly care science & technology includes: remote monitoring, vital signs monitoring, administration and tracking positioning.

Remote monitoring. This is a system for remote monitoring of the aged living alone. The system records activities of the aged at key locations of home with special sensors. In case of any abnormality, the system transmits alert information to the supervisor. Except for the above, the remote monitoring system provides the remote medical services and functions. With the device networked, the supervisor transmits text message or picture message through the exclusive TV channel or the optional touch screen.

Vital signs monitoring. A new generation of remote monitoring device is composed of small-sized radar and Bluetooth monitoring device, backstage support platform and mobile phone terminal, which are connected via network. Through scanning and analyzing breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and other vital signs of the aged real timely with radar and Bluetooth technology, the device transmits the real-time data to the community hospital backstage or the children’s mobile phone terminal via Bluetooth or network. In case of abnormality of vital signs of the aged, the system alerts automatically within several minutes, and doctors of the community hospital monitor real-timely and go to the site for rescue.

Administration device. Failure to administer as required is a key factor that the aged enter nursing home finally. It has great influences on the aged with chronic diseases. The administration monitoring helps the aged administer and helps them lead senior living at home. The device reminds the aged to administer at setting time. If the aged administer incorrect dosage, these technology-based products alert those who take care of them.

Track positioning. The aged with impaired cognitive function may be lost, and the device with the satellite positioning system tracks location of the aged. The built-in GPS tracks real-time location of the aged. The device transmits signal to the control center automatically at specific interval and notifies location information of the aged. The system sets geographical fence. If the aged leaves out of the zone, the system alerts with notification.

Elderly care science & technology adds fun to the aged

  The elderly care science & technology makes life of the aged safe and convenient, enriches entertainment life of the aged, and makes them enjoy fun from progress of science & technology.

Flat PC.The flat PC specially designed for the aged, when they miss their children, the aged make remote video call and send pictures each other; with huge genuine video, Chinese folk art and square dancing video and audio; weather, alarm clock, health preservation, gourmet and other auxiliary living functions.

Smart relaxing earphone, understanding your brain wave.When used, the senor measures the brain wave, analyzes it with mobile applications, chooses the style most suitable for mood, and makes the aged relaxed, superior treatment effects for psychological and sleeping issues.

Smart planting box, planting your own vegetables without soil. The aged plant green vegetables with the hi-tech vegetable box without soil. The fresh vegetable is available 3 weeks after seeding. The aged plant vegetables in the spare time, and health and freshness are just so simple.  

Smart gas stove cooks more delicious dishes.Android-based tablet PC is built in the networking gas stove and electronic oven system. The users select the best fire or oven temperature by operating the applications. Due to physical conditions, the aged encounter many difficulties in cooking, and the product makes the aged cook more conveniently and safely.

Great potential of senior living science and technology

In a global view, the elderly care science & technology is at the starting point, and the leading technology needs some periods to be shaped. innovation is slow, and innovation system is not perfect, which are major factors restricting development of the elderly care science & technology.

  In terms of domestic market, due to immature elderly care industry market, the senior living products cannot be circulated. Therefore, there will be many difficulties before the aged enjoy the science & technology senior living products.

Zhongyan Group, engaging in the development of the elderly care industry, focuses on the elderly care science & technology as a key procedure of the senior living industrial chain, actively develops elderly care science & technology products, such as hi-tech devices improving sleeping quality of the aged through cooperating with Silicon Valley of the U.S, and the VR device for the aged developed through cooperating with Shanghai University, and wishes to improve living quality of the aged with the help of science & technology.

Although we face many difficulties and problems, the potential of elderly care science & technology is huge. With perfection of the innovation system, progressive maturity of market and perfect applications of mainstream technological products, the elderly care science & technology products provide the aged with individualized and smart warm service and make them enjoy high-quality senior living.

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