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Sword of science, humanistic feelings


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Serve the country, Pay back to the society
Business Philosophy
Boundless Business, Co-existence and Mutual Benefit
Core Philosophy
Core businesses plus boundless extension
Human-oriented ● Harmonious Development, Customer-centric ustomer-centric Harmonious Development, al Benefitnovation
Openness, Inclusiveness, Breakthrough and Innovation
Power of Science, Humanistic Care
Empower the staff with knowledge,   Enlighten the staff with thoughts, Unite the staff with passion

  “Core businesses plus boundless extension” is the philosophy of Zhongyan Group. The rich and broad Chinese culture is the essence of the Group’s corporate culture. Core is the base. From a solid base comes a way leading to success. Core is being balanced and neutral, aiming at sustainability with awe and reverence for the nature. Core is the center, being human-oriented and customer-centric. Extension shapes the culture of the Group. Extension means the corporate culture of Zhongyan is an extension of and derivative from the essence of the Chinese culture. The Group will extend its business in breadth and depth boundlessly.

“Core businesses plus boundless extension” implies that the Group is rooted in the Chinese culture, human-oriented and customer-centric, is committed to its direction and goal, but at the same time, shows respect and reverence, builds its core competitive strength and extends its business boundlessly and sustainably. From this, core values, Openness, Fusion, Innovation, are derived.

Corporate Culture

To shape the corporate culture requires definition of Mind Identity, cultivation of Behavior Identity, and creation of Visual Identity. Moreover, cultural activities, charity activities, newsletters and Micro Focus are combined to promote, deepen and develop identity, build an emotional bond, unite thoughts and forces. Code of conduct makes sure the staff behave themselves. VI creates a consistent brand identity.

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