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Inclusive development is the common theme of global development. Rooted in the Chinese culture, Zhongyan Group carries forward the excellent culture quality of inclusiveness and openness, inherits the concept of "harmony in diversity", welcomes different ideas, and extensively communicates and exchanges, cooperates and implements win-win strategies with excellent enterprises around the world. After nearly ten years of accumulation, the foreign cooperation and exchange system has been initially formed.

  Zhongyan Group is the Deputy Director Unit of Investment and Financing Promotion Committee, China Association for International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. As a professional functional organization under China Association for International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Investment and Financing Promotion Committee helps enterprises to better undertake the national B&R strategy, and promotes international exchanges and cooperation, project investigation and docking, cross-border investment and financing, etc.

Zhongyan Group extensively exchanges with all levels of government agencies, industry associations, enterprises and public institutions, such as Counselors' Office of the State Council, Counselors' Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation, Heilongjiang Imported and Exported Gem and Jade Industry Association, Heilongjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarntine Bureau, Heilongjiang Xunke County Government, Heilongjiang Wudalianchi Municipal Government, Yunnan Dehong Prefecture Sculpture Association, and Gansu Wuwei Municipal Government. It participates in APEC Business Leader Summit, Boao Forum for Asia and other conferences for communication and cooperation opportunities in various fields and regions and even around the world.

  Cooperation in the field of industry is more colorful. It cooperates with upstream and downstream enterprises, integrates industrial resources, and helps with the rapid development of industry.


  It cooperates with all major banks in funds trusteeship, payment, etc.


It cooperates with many merchants in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment and other aspects, and creates a comprehensive, interactive and all-win consumer ecosystem.

Culture industry

It cooperated with Wincom Group, and integrated sapphire resources;
signed a strategic cooperation agreement of pan-entertainment application with Beijing National Railway Shengda Culture;
cooperated with CAA, UTA, AEG, Live Nation and other overseas brokerage groups, formed the international IP strategic cooperation alliance, covered more than 60% of the global IP brokerage businesses;
and cooperated with Paramount Pictures, Lions film Films and EndemolShine Group in film and television copyright business.

Elderly care service industry

It signed cooperation agreements with nearly 40 elderly care service institutions in China, became the company's elderly care base;
  and cooperated with Silicon Valley and Shanghai University to develop high-tech products for the elderly.

International trade

It has established good relations of cooperation with automobile manufacturers of major brands.

Life service industry

It cooperated with Xinya Food in food chain stores.

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