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  • Foundedin 2009, Zhongyan Group (Shanghai Zhongyan Industrial Co., Ltd.) is headquarteredin Shanghai, the national economic and financial center, and located in GlobalHarbor, the city's largest commercial complex and one of the landmarkbuildings. It is a diversified and platform-type comprehensive group companybased on finance with the platform of Internet and the innovative developmentmodel of "Finance + Internet + Industry" that continuously makescross-industry infinite development. By now, its enterprises and projects coverthe whole country. It has nearly twenty subsidiaries, a pension fund, andnearly 1,000 employees.

  • Continuous learning, breakthrough and innovation, and deep cross-industry integr

    In the trend of theInternet, Zhongyan Group fought and grew up, and created a road of innovationwith characteristics of the times and its own characteristics withunconventional development.

  • With the innovativedevelopment mode of "Finance + Internet + Industry", the Group drivesthe development of many industries, realizes the maximum integration of all-aroundresources, and ultimately forms the industrialsystem with three cores covering nine industries.

    I. The big financial industry system of"finance + tourism + elderly care" based on finance

    II. The big ecommerce industry system of "ecommerceplatform + ecommerce + industry live-broadcasting" relying on ecommerce;

    III. The big culture industry system of "filmand television + game + entertainment terminal" with the core of culture.

    Thus, the Group establisheda good industrial base, competitive advantages in market and industryinfluence, and gradually built the whole industry chain ecosphere from financeto culture, and formed the operation pattern dominated by "big finance,big ecommerce and big culture" with the development of elderly care, internationaltrade, life service and other diversified industries.

  • Soul of China·Boundless extension is the core concept of Zhongyan Group.

    Zhongyan Group alwaysadheres to its own development direction and goals; focuses on consumption,savings and investment; deeply integrates talents, technology, products,services, capital and other core elements of industrial development; builds aleading industrial development platform in China; becomes the revenue managementexpert for customers; satisfies the all-around and personalized demands ofcustomers, including consumption, savings and investment; and leads newknowledge of business and life in the future, and growth and development andhigh-quality life of customers. At the same time, Zhongyan Group is a careerplatform, which gathers talents of all sides with an open mind to jointlydevelop business and share the development achievements.

Zhongyan Group focuses on industrial development, adheres to the concept of "being rooted in society and repaying the society", and promotes all the staffs to establish the consciousness and behavior habits of "being engaged in social welfare and bearing responsibilities of a social citizen". Everyone should be engaged in charity and public welfare from the start.
With the arrival of China's aging society, the problem of elderly care of the society has become increasingly prominent. Zhongyan Group considers the elderly care industry as an important mission and goal, bravely assumes social responsibilities, operates through Zhongyan Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Fund, directly devotes itself to charitable and public service; focuses on learning exploration and practice; eventually builds Zhongyan Group into the largest elderly service organization in China; forms the complete elderly care culture industry chain, including financial management, tourism, entertainment, science and technology, shopping mall and nursing homes; and contributes to building the harmonious and happy well-off society in an all-round way which looks after the elderly properly and makes them happy in China.

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