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Chairman Deputy Director of Investment and Financing Promotion Committee, China Association for International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China,

Dear friends,

Welcome to visit the website of Zhongyan Group.

Zhongyan Group is a diversified and comprehensive enterprise group which actively explores the innovative development model of cross-border integration of industries. Its business covers finance, Internet, culture, elderly care, international trade, service for life and other areas.

"Soul of China, boundless extension" is the core concept of Zhongyan Group. Rooted in the Chinese culture, Zhongyan Group always adheres to its own direction of development and goals, maintains a sense of awe, continuously studies, makes progress, makes breakthrough, innovates, builds its own core competitiveness, infinitely extends and develops, and maintains steady and everlasting.

Looking around the world, the development of globalization faces a variety of new challenges. The world economy needs profound structural adjustment and reshaping of development momentum. As the main driving force of world economic development, led by B&R strategy, China builds a new pattern of all-round opening. I am honored to serve as Deputy Director of Investment and Financing Promotion Committee, China Association for International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China; and focus on the promotion of trade, investment economic and technological cooperation between China and different regions and countries in the world; and promote understanding and friendship in the economic and trade circle between Chinese people and people of other countries and regions in the world.

China is now changing from the traditional development model to the economic development model oriented by consumption upgrade and new industry. In an important period of strategic opportunities, it also faces the severe challenge of superposition of many contradictions and increased risks. Innovation is the first power leading development. In the Internet+ era, the Internet is making a profound change affecting all levels of human in a global scope with the power of changing everything. The Internet in the past has been the consumer Internet, but in the future industrial Internet will cause changes. Only with the deep integration of industries and Internet, the rational allocation of social resources can be improved and more social benefits can be gained. Facing more complex development environment and new economic form, I believe that "with the principle of honesty and with the morality of benevolence" Zhongyan can construct the innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing new ecology of development with everyone.

With the arrival of China's aging society, the problem of social elderly care has become increasingly prominent. "Extending the respect of the aged in your family to that of other families" and piety and respect of the aged is one of the most outstanding parts of Chinese traditional culture and famous in the world. As a Chinese, carrying forward and inheriting Chinese filial piety is our duty. Zhongyan Group considers the elderly care industry as an important mission and goal. It is also the career which I will fight for all my life. It assumes social responsibilities, and meets the actual needs of society. Thus, we cooperated with Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation and established Zhongyan Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Fund. The group directly devotes itself to charitable and public service; focuses on learning exploration and practice; eventually builds Zhongyan Group into the largest elderly service organization in China; and contributes to building the harmonious and happy well-off society in an all-round way which looks after the elderly properly and makes them happy in China.

Looking back the years, along the way we cannot help sighing with emotion. In the past ten years, Zhongyan developed from a start-up to the group scale at present. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the Zhongyan people, partners and customers across the country, and all levels of government leaders and friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of Zhongyan. Because of you, Zhongyan has made today's achievements.

Looking forward to the future, although there is fierce competition, we have the same dream. Zhongyan people with "soul of China, boundless extension" will succeed in carrying out the assignment, continuously explore the way for the group to innovate and develop, unremittingly promote industrial extension and integration, and contribute to national development, social progress and national prosperity!

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